cherry dresses

Leaver’s Ball Masterlist

cherry kisses & sequined dresses by eroticgropefest

trixie and keris get ready for the leavers ball

Don’t Let Go by arituzz

We come back from the kitchen into the dance hall. Snow has a sandwich in each hand. He’s got his still invisible tail entwined in my hand and I’m holding its end. He does that when his hands are busy. So there’s still contact between us, although nobody else can tell.

Last night by EllsKay

It’s the night of the Leaver’s Ball. Simon, realizing it’s their last night as roommates, tries to talk to Baz in order to resolve the feud between them. Maybe even become friends. He doesn’t expect Baz to get so upset.

let them talk by crashing_into_the_sun

Baz and Simon at the Leaver’s Ball- they make a pretty big debut.

Show Love With No Remorse by knitbelove

The Watford Leaver’s Ball wasn’t as good of a party as I’d hoped. But it was worth the drive and the posh clothes to see Baz, to spend one last night at Watford with him – and one last morning.

the room underneath by carryonsimoncarryon

How thin do you think the floors are at Watford? Mummers House is so old, so I bet they’re pretty thin. Probably thin enough to be able to hear parts of conversations from the room above. What parts of Simon and Baz’s fights do you think they heard?


Petals fall
With every motion
Taking all
Of my emotion

Carried away
By the breeze
Maybe someday
I’ll be at ease

Finally finished my glass flute painting. I’m in the midst of busy moving so there won’t be much for a while. After the move I’m excited to start on Fisheye Placebo and Knite again, as well as continuing the glass instrument series (I think I will do drums next).

I also aim to get a laser cutter and 3D printer to explore art in different mediums. I love digital, but it’s nice to work with something tangible as well :)
Harry Styles Shows How to Do Florals Like a Cool Guy
The actor and singer proves that a gent’s style can blossom in spring.

Today is a big day for Harry Styles. The former boy bander’s solo single just had its music video debut, plus he’s hit several high notes with his wardrobe in recent weeks, too, elevating modern rock star style in his own special way.

He took things up a notch again in New York today, with a look that was literally in full bloom. While Jay Z, Pharrell Williams, and Zayn Malik have all tried their hand at the floral trend, it’s Styles who, over the years, has successfully pushed the idea to a new place. True to form, Styles offset the graphic nature of his cherry blossom–covered top with the signature pieces he loves best: skinny black jeansand Chelsea boots.