cherry bow

Tsuu T’ina (Sarcee) woman and child.

The Tsuu T’ina is a first nation from Canada. Although their traditional territory on the Great Plains was extensive, their territory is now restricted to the Tsuu T’ina Nation 145 Reserve in southern Alberta. They were originally noted by explorers for their bison robes and fine buckskins, handcrafted saddles and cherry bows.


Ok, here is the other page of II characters!

First page:

here’s to childhood nostalgia. here’s to memories wrapped in a bow, cherry-scented, dressed up in fantasy, dreams and wishes bleeding through the fabric. it coats our tongues in its candy colors until everything tastes like the cereal you ate in first grade. everything our childhood touches turns to crayon colors. our retrospective shines in fire engine red and purple mountain’s majesty. 

here’s to what stays imprinted beneath our eyelids when we are halfway between sleep and away. here’s to what they can’t take away from us, even when they try

Some Comfort [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

a/n: i needed to write this for me bc this is going on…yeah…i just needed to…i need seb to comfort me and get my feelings out; im sorry. I promise i’ll write the 3 requests i have tomorrow

WARNING: Mentions of verbal abuse (please don’t get offended; if this is triggering for you, please do not read)

Every kid had their own monster. Like one in the closet, under the bed; in this case, your mom is your monster. Glee is your safe haven. The place where all your worries, all your fears, could just melt away. Well…it was until fifty eight seconds ago.

Standing up from the auditorium seat, you rush towards the exit, poofy black skirt flaring around your thighs. The door swings open, creaking slightly as you let out shallow breaths. Gulping back tears, you lean against the cream pillar, hearing the door catch. “Hey, aren’t you dorks on next?” Comes a cocky voice that belongs to none other than Sebastian Smythe.

Oh no, he can’t see you crying. Turning your head away from him, you sniffle, trying to dry your cheeks…that are covered in mascara. Wonderful. “Hey…what’s up with you?” he asks, this time in a cations tone.

You snort softly, “Why do you care?” you whisper, voice cracking slightly.

Sebastian straightens his back, fixing his striped tie perfectly on his crisp white button down. “You can’t sing well if you’re upset, you know. I’d like to win fair and square.” he grumbles, shrugging. You let out a dry laugh, arms hugging yourself. “But seriously, why…why are you crying? Not that you gotta spill-”

“My mom.” you answer quietly, avoiding his gaze.

His posture stiffens and he frowns, crossing his arms; his blazer wrinkles. “What about her?” he asks, stepping closer to you.

Inhaling, you look at Sebastian, cheeks wet with tears. “She…she keeps trying to contact me and-and I…” you breathe in, shaking your head as you hold yourself tighter. “I want her to stop. She’s… She hated me as a kid… Said I was weak, I never should’ve been born, disgusting; other awful insults… Sebastian, I can’t…” you cry, tears dripping off the end of your nose.

Instantly his hands gently latch onto your upper arms, green eyes boring into yours. One of his hands cup your cheek, thumb collecting the tiny waterfalls. “She’s wrong, so wrong. You are not weak, do you understand me?” Sebastian says sternly, “You are a blessing to this earth. Y/N, please, please don’t listen to any bullshit she says.” he begs, crouching to your level; his light brown locks jumps slightly.

Sniffling, you wait for people to enter the auditorium, toying with your cherry red bow around your waist. The asshole is telling you…you’re a blessing? No, no, no, this can’t be right, Sebastian is…evil. “H-how can I not?” you shout, carding your fingers through your hair. “She-she keeps contacting me in any way possible! And I ca- I can’t do anything! I’m scared, Seb! It's…it’s-”

“Harassment?” he offers, sucking in a deep breath. You shake your head, about to argue with him. “Yes it is, Y/N. I know harassment when I see it.” he bites, licking his lips. Your chest rises and falls, stopping all together when the door pops open. Sebastian glares, “I got this handled, Berry.” he informs, squinting his eyes, nimble fingers dancing up and down your arm.

Rachel sighs, glancing at you for confirmation; you nod faintly. “Mr. Shue said you have fifteen before you need to get backstage… We really need you.” she mumbles shyly, heading back inside.

A heavy breath leaves you and you swallow harshly. “I need to- I need to go.” you whisper, screwing your eyelids shut as you point behind you.

The Warbler nods, still frowning. His lanky arms wrap around your upper body, pulling you to his chest; your arms do the same, fingers curling in the fabric of his navy blazer. “I’m gonna help you, I swear. You aren’t alone.” Sebastian mutters in your ear, lips barely touching your cheek for a kiss.

“Thank you…”


here’s all my inanimate insanity humanoid paperdolls!!! the art is kinda outdated, as well as some of the characters designs - as these were all done like 2 years ago???? (the order of them is also now messes up - like bow should be next to marsh and paper should be next to OJ….)

characters from left to right:
paper, yinyang, soap, the cherries, bow, toilet, mepad, MePhone 4, grape soda (one of my ocs -w-), cookie (my gf’s oc), orange juice, trophy, coffee (oc), knife, nickel, baseball, suitcase, balloon, test tube, fan, ribbon (oc), marshmallow, apple, microphone, taco, pickle, paintbrush, lightbulb!
characters from top to bottom:
dough, cheesy, tissues, bomb, pepper and her gf salt

those are all of my human II designs!!! I may eventually remake these with newer designs when I get the time, but I am currently working on different, more important projects.

||❥ the coat controversy

j e o n g h a n ! s c e n a r i o


word count: 1,690

includes: a chilly winter day in which you ride the train with bf!jeonghan nd he contemplates snuggling u into his coat. 

request: some jeonghan jealousy

✎ okay so there ain’t much jealousy but aghh bro it’s so hard 2 be original and not use a plot everyone’s heard a thousand times but at least there’s wholesome fluff,, didn’t realize i wrote this then forgot to post it whoops.

Jeonghan couldn’t stop glancing at you from the corner of his eyes. Sure you appeared completely fine and dandy, armed with your woolly hat that had a pompom perked like a gumdrop on the top, a tiny quirk on your lips attributed from idly scrolling through your phone. He wanted to believe all was peachy-keen, but a litany of protests were rattling within his head.

This was the subway train after all, the sand coloured floors and dull silver benches hardly appealing on a winter day. Snow began feathering from the sky in fashion to powdered sugar, coating car roofs and clinging to fur hoods. Quite a beautiful sight, yet you insisted on taking the subway, Jeonghan crinkling under your sweet pleas a little too easily.

He wondered if you brought up the idea because you were cold and hoped the subway would offer some heating. However the minute you stepped inside, the same draft cloaked the air, any chances of nabbing seats by the heater purloined by the elderly couple who shuffled on just before you. It was always like this, similar to when your parents would advise you to dress warmer, yet their entreating’s would get brushed off out of petulant stubbornness.

“It doesn’t even look that cold Jeonghan! I’ll be fine in this jacket.”

He recalls eyeing you ineffectually, knowing his advice falls on deaf ears. Tucking a lock of hair behind your ear, Jeonghan sways your attention to the tree branches bobbing outside the glass panes belonging to your home, attempting persuasion one last time.

“Do me a favour sweetheart and go stand outside. I know you’ll get cold, so why don’t you check now rather than when it’s too late.” 

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Could you do another update on the list of nymphet stuff on Amazon?


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