cherry bomb pie


Ok! so where were we?

This dough is a a little less structurally sound than traditional doughs, but it is not impossible, you must be very slow and deliberate and work on very floured surfaces.

I rolled out the dough and put the filling in. Dust sides with an egg & a little bit of heavy cream mixture.

Then Roll out the top dough and laid it over. Pull the bottom dough over the top of the top dough and pinch together, with a pastry brush generously apply egg & cream mixture.

Cut designs.

Bake at 400deg for 30 min, take out and dust with more egg/cream mixture and drizzle a little raw sugar on top. Turn down oven to 350deg and bake for another 25-30 minutes.

Take out of oven and let cool on rack for at least 1 hour before eating.