cherry blossom festival san francisco

Hello Admin here~~
Here’s me and my bf cosplaying as Ruby and Sun~💕
We did casual outfits this past weekend for the Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco.
By the way he’s tickling me in this picture because I tickled him back and stuff lol.
PC: Merayan (thank you for taking this pic~)
Cosplayer: Casual!Ruby Rose @mischiefgabrielle (my personal and cosplay blog)
Casual!Sun Wukong - @sunwukongsclone (his RWBY sideblog)

Hi everyone! I’m excited to be back at the annual San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival this weekend April 8-9th, and also next weekend on April 15-16th. I’ll in the SF Japan Town mall, right outside the Kinokuniya Book Store. I’m not sure which floor I’ll be on yet, but there’s only 2 floors so I’ll be either upstairs or down stairs. I wasn’t able to attend last year so I’m super excited to be back this year :D Can’t wait to see all my friends again!

In other news, my awesome assistant, Kat, will be selling my art for me at Anime Matsuri this same weekend in Texas. I’m not able to make it myself due to the scheduling conflict with Cherry Blossom Festival, but I will do my best to visit next year. Please stop by our dealer’s booth at 1819 to say hi! She’s super friendly and would love to geek out about anime with everyone :D


Inspired by a hike I had with my SO. We started in the morning and hiked the entire day until the stars came out. It was magical seeing the blue sky turn to red, dotted with clouds of all shapes and colors, and finally the starry night with the faintest trace of the Milky Way. We live our stressful and hectic days, but it’s calming to step back and remember no matter what’s happening in our lives, the sun will rise and set, painting the skies in a menagerie of emotions. We all have to do is look up and breathe.

In other news, I’ll be at the Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco this weekend April 11th and 12th, and the weekend after. You can find my table inside the Japan Center Mall, right outside the top floor of the Kinokuniya bookstore entrance. I’ll be there will my usual books and prints, and I’m also happy to hangout and chat! If you happen to be a backer for the Axent Wear headphones and have questions about the current status and updates, I’ll be happy to answer all your questions in person :) I hope to see you there!

Escape the Abuse

Something very sad happened today, and I would like to share this story in hopes that it will help someone else in a similar situation.

I was selling my art at the Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco today, and during the end of the day, right after I finished packing up, a nicely dressed girl around my age came up to me asking for money to take the train home.

I asked her how much she needed. She said $21, which is a lot more than I’m used to hearing. Normally people are a few dollars short, so I thought she was trying to scam me. But then I took a closer look at her and realized that she looked very beat up. Her lips were swollen and her nose was bruised. It turns out that she had to run away from her abusive boyfriend’s house this morning and didn’t have time to grab her stuff. She didn’t have any friends or family to rely on so she had been wondering around the city for over 13 hours asking for change so she can take a train to her grandmother’s house 2 hours away.

It’s unbelievably tragic that she had to go through all that. My publisher and I gave her the money she needed and drove her to the train station. On the way, she talked about how her boyfriend had abused her for many days before it finally got so bad that she had to escape.

This reminded me somewhat of my own situation 5 years ago when my psychotic stepmom talked her son into trying to kill me with a kitchen knife. I told the girl about my past, and how I immediately escaped to the safety of my grandparent’s house because waiting would mean potential death.

So to anyone out there who is currently in an abusive situation, be it from your boyfriend, or step parents, or anyone who is threatening your health and happiness: Leave. Don’t wait. We can hope that those abusive people will change, but realistically, it’s very unlikely that they will. Don’t let them guilt trip you into staying with their lies and false promises. At the first sign of abuse, leave and never look back. Don’t wait until it gets so bad that you have to escape in desperation and covered in bruises. Save yourself as soon as you can. You are worth way more than how they’ve been treating you.

Take care!


My cousin @djpoprocks cosplaying at the Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco rocking her cute cat maid outfit. 


Me and my cousin Pika Pika pictures from the Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco yesterday. I love how our faces turned out so clear :3