cherry blossom festival dc

Another peek at CFR Crossfire Chapter 15

 This will either be a ridiculously long final chapter or there will be one more chapter. This sneak peek is mainly because I want to get opinions on the cherry blossom bloom thing. I researched it, and of course I go to DC’s annual Cherry Blossom Festival. But I still want to make sure I get it right, because if not I’ll need to find a different tea. Also this year’s festival could be in trouble if the weather doesn’t calm down. It makes me sad. Also, there will be more to the scene with the two Splinters, so if you guys want to suggest conversation topics, please do. Tagging @mysillylittlesoapbox, @jumpybox naturally. Who wants more turtle tot stories??

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I snapped these uncommon scenes from this weekend’s Cherry Blossom Festival here in DC. Some things I noticed:

  • Cherry blossoms here are mostly white with a spot of pink, not saturated pink 
  • These 2,000 trees were bred to be ornamental, and do not produce cherries
  • The crowds are ENORMOUS
  • Though selfie sticks are used by all ages and cultures, they’re used primarily by women
  • Painters seem to like the attention
  • The trees are quite old, craggy, and in rough shape
  • People climb all over the trees to take album shots, adults and kids. This, despite many posted signs by the National Park service to not climb them.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. monument produces many tears in the crowds. So does the Vietnam Memorial
  • The Washington Monument, clearly designed by men, and erected long before women had equal rights, is 1) the tallest stone obelisk in the world and 2) very delicate and prone to damage.