cherry blossom festival dc


So I thought this would be really hard, but then I couldn’t stop picking pictures…

ANYWHO - I was tagged by @luminis-infinite, @headsindreams, @firebyfire, and @natecchi! Thank you, you lovely and sweet people.

1. I love taking pictures of flowers. This is a shot I took at the DC cherry blossom festival and I’m still really happy with how it turned out. Cherry blossoms are also my fav flower. (◕ᴗ◕✿)

2. I also took this photo. This was from the first photoshoot that I ran on my own. The theme was “creatures in the woods” and this was one of my favorite shots. It also is indicative of the sort of mood I have in a lot of my creative works - dark and gritty.

3. This is to represent my biggest work from my previous account. I still need to finish it, but I am really proud of how “Both Sides of the Gun” is shaping up. If only I could get my shit together and finish it.

4. Pretty! I actually had made this to use when posting updates for the fic on Tumblr and never used it. But I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing this fic and while I hadn’t expected it to develop into the length and depth it has (it was supposed to be a quick fill!), I’m really proud of how its turning out and I’ve gotten rather attached to it. Cause I’m a dork.

5/6. Just kind of aesthetics for me. That quote has always touched me, and I love photography that centers around lights in the darkness. 

7. I have a TYPE ™, like whoa. Soldiers/cops/detectives/heros, angsty men trying to do the right thing, that hold themselves to too high a standard, that run themselves into the ground trying. Like…I have a TYPE ™ so hard.

8. I know I’ve mentioned it before (and it was actually a surprise to stumble on this again), but these are my two characters from my story I had been serializing through an online magazine before things went downhill. MY PRECIOUS STUPID BABIES. This is them. Say hello! :D 

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