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The Outsiders + Rock and Riot
  • Dallas: I don't want to lie anymore.
  • Darry: Dally--
  • Soda: Lie about what?
  • Dallas: *sighs* It's Johnny. I've been dating Johnny.
  • Everyone: ...
  • Everyone: JOHNNY??!!!!
  • Cherry: *leaps up* Dally's not the only one!
  • Ponyboy: *gasps* /You're/ dating Johnny, too?
  • Cherry: What? No-- I...
  • Cherry: *sighs* Marcia's always been my best friend, but now I love her.
  • Marcia: *leaps up and hugs Cherry*
  • Steve: Wait a minute...
  • Steve: *counting on his fingers* Dally and Johnny...Cherry and Marcia? You mean...
  • Soda: <3 <3 <3 Babe--
  • Ponyboy: *uncontrollably sobbing* I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE!
  • Two-Bit: Wait, /you/ have a boyfriend?
  • Ponyboy: Yeah...he's Tim Shepard's little brother, Curly.
  • Darry: *throws hands up in the air* Now wait a gosh-darned second!!!
  • Everyone: ...
  • Darry: Is there /anybody/ else who'se going to come out?
  • Everyone: ...
  • Two-Bit: *raises hand* I don't like anyone!

SE Hinton’s hand-written list of all of the characters’ birthdays and star signs, created while she was working on The Outsiders TV show. I believe she also later went back and added Johnny’s (March 1, Pisces) and Dally’s (November 9, Scorpio). (Unless that’s another thing fans made up. I’m pretty sure it isn’t, but who even knows at this point).

The Outsiders Characters as Iconic Vines (Because Why Not?)
  • Ponyboy: Next time you put a fuckin hand on me imma fuckin rIp YoUr fACE OFF bITCH
  • Sodapop: What up, I'm Jared, I'm 19, and I never learned how to fuckin read
  • Johnny: Aw fuck, I can't believe you've done this.
  • Steve: I don't have enough money for chicken nuggets
  • Dally: what the FUCK is up Kyle. No what did you SAY dude?
  • Bob: You better watch out, you better watch out, yOu better WACTCHHH Out, YOU BETTER WATCHHH OOOUUTTT
  • Two-Bit: Suh, Dude
  • Cherry: CHRIS?!?!??! is that a WEED?!

things i’m sick of:

- steve not being considered smart

- people pretending like some of the meaner/tougher guys would change everything about themselves when they meet some sweet perfect dream girl

- cherry valance being villainized 

- acting like johnny was weak

- treating bob or randy like they were anything worse than confused kids

- sylvia and sandy being treated poorly

- christ just give all the girls a little credit

- seeing ‘mickey mouse’ and ‘two bit’ in the same sentence constantly

- ^^^ ‘car’ and ‘steve’


Did somebody say The Outsiders text posts

I did these within 5 hours like somewhere in December??

idk,,, but I made these for fun and all tumblr posts i used belongs to everyone who wrote them (cred is in the pictures obviously.) I made these purely for entertainment lol plz love me.

(i made a Marcia one and Johnny x Dally one too so if y’all ever wanna see those,, I’ll make a separate post for them.)

Tom Cruise & Patrick Swayze: *block the view of Rob Lowe stepping out of the shower right before the towel falls*