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How Do You Fake Feelings (when you know they're real): Sunkissed

Fic Request: Stiles and Lydia fake dating but actually dating in the end

Rating: T

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Fake Dating!Stydia

Author: holybellamy

Part 5/?

Summary: Lydia meets Jackson at the supermarket, and he is back in town for his wedding. He invites her, and she doesn’t want to go there alone.

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Cherry Lips (M -Jin)

*Super sorry for posting so late but I’m half alive rn and in need of sleep*

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Word Count: 1224 words

How is it so hot? You opened up every window in your house, refusing to spend extra money on the ac. You wore a tank top and shorts, wearing as minimal as possible to possible relieve this heat wave.



“Why are you on the floor?”

“The floor is cool plus it’s simple science. Cool air sinks and hot air rises.”

“Whatever justifies you lying on the floor, Y/N.”

“Now, did you buy it?”


“Yay~!” He bought you your favourite ice cream, it was still cold and you jumped in delight. He looked at you, watching you happily lick the ice cream off your lips.

You teased him, swiping some ice cream from the lid on your finger and he grabbed your finger, licking the ice cream off it.


“Let’s go to the pool today.”

“Okay..” He winked at you and you followed him into the the bedroom. You made sure he didn’t see your bikini, wanting to surprise him a little.

He didn’t see, only noticing the shirt you slipped on and you turned around.


“Of course.” He filled the gaps between your fingers, leading you out the apartment. Your building had a pool in the rooftop, perfect for days like today.

He stripped off his shirt, revealing his Adonis like body. How could he be so handsome? Beyond just his physical beauty, he was much more. He has a heart that had an abundance of kindness, love and compassion. You knew he would never fail to show those attributes, putting anything on the line for someone he deeply cared for. Nevertheless, those sentiments were not for today.

He wanted something else, it was whether you teasingly give it to him or not. You gave him a little teasing as he crossed his arms as the edge of the pool.

“Don’t be shy, Y/N.”

“Who said I was ever shy, Jinnie?”

“Then, take off your shirt, angel.” You pulled your shirt over your head to reveal your cherry and lip printed bikini. He turned around, the light pink tint in his cheeks still evident to you and you took the chance to slip into the water. It was cooler than you expected, you slipped your hands around Jin’s waist.

“Do you like what you see, Jinnie..?” You whispered in his ear while your hand pressed against the growing bulge you intended to feel. He groaned to the gentle squeeze you gave him and you giggled, pulling away and enjoying the cool water.

“The water’s nice, isn’t it?”


“Is there something wrong, you’re staring at me…”

“They’re just so perfect.”

“J-Jin.” He lunged closer, grabbing your breasts and you bit your lip as he began squeezing them.

“You’re biting your lip pretty hard, angel. What’s the matter?”


“You don’t usually stutter, Y/N,” his fingers pinched your nipples, almost making you lose your control.


“Now, you’re begging? You’ve been such a tease lately; do you think you deserve it?”

“I didn’t mean t-to..”

“You always say that, angel. What makes this time so different?” His hand slipped between your legs, his fingers teasing you underwater. You let out a moan, knowing he wasn’t going to hold back.

“Already moaning, Y/N?” He kissed your ear, trailing kisses down to your neck. The water soothed the sudden bite he gave you, forming a sloppy hickey and creating more everywhere his lips could go. He untied your bikini top, exposing your breasts to the cool water. He pinched your nipples, knowing how sensitive they were and it was the quickest way to hear your whimper in his ears.

He enjoyed how submissive you were, whining for his touch and doing anything to get him to. The absolute control and obedience from you made him aroused, knowing you would only tease but nothing further. The gentle circles he pressed against your clit had you moaning into his ear, it would have been perfect if he had not wanted more. And he did, so much more.

You were lifted up, sitting on the edge of the pool and he spread your legs.

“Be a good girl for me, angel.” He kissed your clothed pussy before removing the last article of clothing off your body. You hissed when his finger poked around, purposely rubbing certain areas just to get a rise out of you and you wouldn’t take his bait.

“I didn’t think you were this wet, hmm? Do you want me that bad?” You could say anything back, knowing that you were just doing the same to him earlier. He would take things a step further, torturously teasing you until you crack and beg him to give it to you.

His glossy tongue slowly licked you, distracting you from your train of thought and he continued now that he has your attention. His fingers slid into you without forewarning, making you grab onto his wet hair strands. You tugged at you could grasp, cursing under your breath and spreading your legs a bit wider. His hands rested on either thigh, stopping you from moving any further and you whimpered his name.


He hummed against you, the vibrations making you moan even louder. The open space of the rooftop didn’t catch your moans, letting the wind carry it to anyone who can listen. It dawned on you how open you were, how easy it is for someone to see you being eaten out by Jin. You bit your lip, which in turn, only encouraged Jin to make you scream. He added more fingers, pumped you harder that you threw your head back, swirled his tongue around your clit in his attempts.

“You won’t moan for me? Do you know what you’re doing, angel?”


“Don’t hide that sweet voice from me.” He got up next to you, the soaked swim trunks clinging onto his erection. You stroked him as you’ve done before, this time actually taking off his trunks to reveal his meaty cock.

“Ride me, Y/N.” He wasn’t going to say it twice and you straddled him quickly before sinking down on him slowly.

“Fuck.” He cursed in your ear and you just bounced your hips, still trying to maintain your quietness. He slapped your ass, knowing you always moan to that sensation and you almost slipped up.

It motivated him, making him try anything to hear your pretty little moans and whimpers. The sounds gave him such satisfaction, him being the only one that usually hears them.


“That’s right, Y/N. Moan for me.”

“J-Jinn..” He bounced your hips for you, going faster and angling your body so he could hit deeper inside you. You back was arched out while his hands being your support and your head was thrown back, only making incoherent moans.

“You wanna cum?”

“Y-Yes-Please m-make me fucking cum..!” You only lasted a few more bounces before you somersaulted into sweet climax. He pulled you back, making you hold him tightly as he used your hips while you clenched around him to make him cum as well.

You got up, forgetting that his cum was now swimming inside you. He handed you your bikini bottom and you slipped on the top as well.

“That was hot.”

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rainsoakedsam  asked:

HELLO I would please like some wincestiel with panties and drinking and thank you ♥

It wasn’t like Dean had a full drawer of them, or wore them all the time, or anything like that. He just had the one pair, a soft cotton bikini cut, cherry red, simple. He liked how they hugged his ass, gently pressing into the curve of his thigh. He liked the elastic support of his dick, cradled warm against his body.

In retrospect, telling Castiel about them probably gave the angel the wrong idea.

In the middle of a poker game at the bunker, with no cash left to bet, they decided to bet secrets. Castiel was three or four bottles of whiskey deep, the way he needed to in order to feel as tipsy as Dean did after six or so beers. Castiel’s jacket was shrugged off, the top few buttons of his dress shirt unbuttoned, and Dean was thirsty.

Dean lost the hand and accused Castiel of cheating, to which the angel offered an infuriating shrug and smile. “Tell me a secret,” he asked, breath sweet with whiskey.

He had said it sort of unthinkingly, feeling buzzed and horny, feeling a little flush and shiver with the admission. Dean wasn’t entirely sure Castiel would even understand the significance behind it, and judging by his blank stare, he was right.

It wasn’t until Sam joined them twenty minutes later, clothes smelling of smoke, that Dean started to worry. Sam was drunk, drunk, in his smiling and affectionate way, draping himself over Castiel in an over-the-shoulder hug as soon as he walked in the door.

Castiel smiled and rest a hand on Sam’s huge wrist where it lay against his neck, and Dean took a swig of beer to wet his dry mouth.

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anonymous asked:


The beach was the ideal getaway destination when northern Californian summers got too hot.

Except if you were Stiles.

He hated the beach. Hated it.

His pale skin never tanned, only burned no matter how much sunscreen he applied. It was always overcrowded, families of overcompensating middle-aged parents with their obnoxious children running around crazy. It was too loud, those same insufferable kids constantly, seagulls squawking incessantly.

He hated it.

The fact that he was there with a pack of supernaturally attractive Abercrombie and Fitch swimsuit models didn’t help, either.

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iamthebombandiknowit  asked:

prompt: ~ can you do one of maggie getting flustered when alex is in a bikini~ alex/maggie/ thanks!

Thanks for the prompt!

“Beach day!” Kara shouts happily as she lets herself into Alex’s apartment. She’s got a tote bag with her, carrying all her beach needs; towel, change of clothes, sunscreen, etc. She’s wearing her suit already under her shorts and tee, a simple black one piece. Alex pokes her head out of her bedroom upon hearing Kara’s entrance, and smiles at her sister.

“I’ll be right there, Kara.” She calls, then ducks back into her room.

A moment later she emerges, also ready for their day at the beach. “Okay, I’m ready. Oh, I hope you don’t mind, I kind of invited Maggie.”

“That’s great! Cause I invited Lena, she’s waiting in her car.” Kara replies. “Are we picking up Maggie too?”

“That would be great.” Alex answers, grabbing her sunglasses on their way out the door.

Lena pulls her car up to the beach parking lot, and all four women jump out. Kara grabs Lena’s hand as soon as she’s out of the driver’s seat and starts pulling her down the path to the beach with a giddy smile on her face. She looks over her shoulder at Maggie and Alex, and shouts, “Slow pokes!”

Alex rolls her eyes at her sister, and looks to Maggie with a shy smile. “Want to catch up?”

Maggie gives her a flirty wink and says. “Nah, let’s move at our own pace.”

So they make their way calmly down the sandy path to the beach, after Kara and Lena. When they pass the dunes and walk onto the beach they see Kara and Lena already wading into the water. Maggie and Alex find Kara’s tote bag and set up their towels there.

Alex feels the heat of the sun beating down on her, and she knows this will be a great day to tan. So she shirks her outer clothes, leaving herself only in her cherry red bikini. She closes her eyes, and turns her face to the warmth of the sun, loving the feel of it.

After a moment of basking in the heat, Alex turns to smile at Maggie, but she’s caught off guard by what she sees. Maggie is blatantly staring at her. She tries to cover it up by looking away quickly, but it isn’t quick enough to elude Alex. Now Maggie is fidgeting on her towel and clearing her throat awkwardly.

Alex can’t help the sly smirk tugging at the corners of her mouth. “See something you like Sawyer?”

Maggie turns alarmed eyes to Alex then makes a strange sound. It’s somewhere between a guffaw and pfft, and it has Alex smirking even more. Maggie tries talking instead, but all she manages to say is, “No, wait yes, but I-“ and then she cuts herself off with another strange strangled noise.

Alex simply raises her eyebrows and chuckles a little as she watches Maggie look anywhere but at Alex. Alex doesn’t really have the confidence to push Maggie on it, so she lets it go and stretches out on her towel. She does, however, have just enough confidence to reach across the gap between hers and Maggie’s towels and take the woman’s hand in hers. Maggie squeezes her hand in response.