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the outsiders gang but they're all females instead hc pls!!! love ur blog omg 💗💗

Thank you so much hun!! 😊

The Gang As Girls - Headcanons


- An expert at putting on makeup omg

- One of those girls who just randomly compliments you 

- Can talk to her about anything and she wouldn’t judge

- Sleepovers all the time!

- Weird ass recipes for face/hair masks, but they always work somehow?


- A Bad Bitch™

- Gives “Hoe Tips” 

- “Your man did what?!”

- Always has your back

- Doesn’t take anyone’s shit and encourages you to be the same


- A delicate flower!!

- A literal angel

- Always wears flowy dresses, everyone thinks it’s for her aesthetic but it’s literally because it’s super comfortable.

- Always has tampons/pads and painkillers in her purse in case she/anyone else is on their period


- The Mom Friend™

- Always has guy advice

- But will also give you a lecture if you do something particularly messy

- Such a good listener

- Never has any gossip because she keeps all the secrets

Ponyboy (Ponygirl?):

- The type of girl who’s really gentle and kind

- But then you get to know her and you’re like??

- Lets you borrow her clothes 

- Such a sweetheart

- But can also be a bitch 

- Avoids drama but loves to listen to your rants and adds in encouraging comments if you think you may be being a bit too extra


- Speaking of extra

- The type of girl to take off her heels in the street during a night out

- Eyeliner is always perfect!

- Her aesthetic is Suffering™

- Uses your shit without asking!!

- Is 100% honest about how you look in that outfit


- The type of girl who just wears sweats and sandals all the time lmao

- Always wears her hair in a messy bun

- It’s a look and honestly? She pulls it off

- Has the type of sleepovers where all you do is eat junk food and watch rom-coms or horror movies

The Outsiders as real quotes from people I go to school with...
  • Ponyboy: "when I stepped out, into the cold wind, from the odd warmth of the school... I had only two things in my mind. A jacket and a ride home."
  • Johnny: "please... don't... talk to me... ever..."
  • Dallas: "I'm not a tease, I'm a natural, sexual, flirt."
  • Two-bit: "after four years of this hell hole I finally know enough al-gee-braah to hit the poles."
  • Steve: "if you think I won't eat all five of these candy bars before lunch you're wrong."
  • Sodapop: "Fuck this," *slams school computer shut* "I'm pretty."
  • Darry: "I've been teaching for more than ten years and I'm pretty sure this is the weirdest request I've gotten."
  • Tim: "it's supposed to smell like smoke, not Cotten candy."
  • Angela: "if anyone ask, those aren't my nudes."
  • Curly: "no one gives a shit, the janitor caught me smoking weed in the bathroom, she just sprayed some Febreeze and walked out."
  • Cherry: "Yes, I'm a real ginger. Yes, I do steal souls." *points at freckle* "this one is yours."
  • Marcia: "I'm not a lesbian I just really like your boobs."
  • Bob: "That's my pube, give it back!"
  • Randy: "he might smell bad but he's pretty cool."

things i’m sick of:

- steve not being considered smart

- people pretending like some of the meaner/tougher guys would change everything about themselves when they meet some sweet perfect dream girl

- cherry valance being villainized 

- acting like johnny was weak

- treating bob or randy like they were anything worse than confused kids

- sylvia and sandy being treated poorly

- christ just give all the girls a little credit

- seeing ‘mickey mouse’ and ‘two bit’ in the same sentence constantly

- ^^^ ‘car’ and ‘steve’


Did somebody say The Outsiders text posts

I did these within 5 hours like somewhere in December??

idk,,, but I made these for fun and all tumblr posts i used belongs to everyone who wrote them (cred is in the pictures obviously.) I made these purely for entertainment lol plz love me.

(i made a Marcia one and Johnny x Dally one too so if y’all ever wanna see those,, I’ll make a separate post for them.)

How They Kiss You (Visuals)


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Darry always showed you that he loved you. He said it through his actions and his words. He would kiss you, long and slow and to him, he was saying ‘I love you.’


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Soda always made you feel loved and cared for. He wanted to make you feel as special as he thought you were.


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Ponyboy never knew much about love and affection. He told you that he loved you but that was long before he finally had the guts to actually kiss you. When he did, it was soft and sweet.


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Dally was never one to be really intimate around everyone, but when you were alone, he would kiss you a lot. He loved to set you on the kitchen counter so you could wrap your legs around his waist.


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Steve loved to see you smile. He would always end up making you laugh somehow right before he kissed you, so he could feel it, too.


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Two-Bit was always the one who loved to show the world that you were his. He would pick you up and twirl you around for the world to see.


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It was always you kissing Johnny first. He was scared that he would mess it up somehow, but honestly, you didn’t mind. You liked to be the one to show him what love felt like.

The Outsiders + Rock and Riot
  • Dallas: I don't want to lie anymore.
  • Darry: Dally--
  • Soda: Lie about what?
  • Dallas: *sighs* It's Johnny. I've been dating Johnny.
  • Everyone: ...
  • Everyone: JOHNNY??!!!!
  • Cherry: *leaps up* Dally's not the only one!
  • Ponyboy: *gasps* /You're/ dating Johnny, too?
  • Cherry: What? No-- I...
  • Cherry: *sighs* Marcia's always been my best friend, but now I love her.
  • Marcia: *leaps up and hugs Cherry*
  • Steve: Wait a minute...
  • Steve: *counting on his fingers* Dally and Johnny...Cherry and Marcia? You mean...
  • Soda: <3 <3 <3 Babe--
  • Ponyboy: *uncontrollably sobbing* I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE!
  • Two-Bit: Wait, /you/ have a boyfriend?
  • Ponyboy: Yeah...he's Tim Shepard's little brother, Curly.
  • Darry: *throws hands up in the air* Now wait a gosh-darned second!!!
  • Everyone: ...
  • Darry: Is there /anybody/ else who'se going to come out?
  • Everyone: ...
  • Two-Bit: *raises hand* I don't like anyone!

Legend has it that looking directly into the eyes of S.E. Hinton will result in her changing another fucking fact about The Outsiders