cherry and also bomb

quick PSA that’s actually p important.

I’m going by Cherry now! Like… don’t call me Cris/Cristina/Tina. I know it’s gonna be a weird habit to get out of but if y’all could call me Cherry then go ahead! Also, I don’t mind nicknames like cherry bomb/cherry berry/etc/etc (most of these courtesy of @ofbrcvery lmao)

so, planning for the new suit is starting! Building it? Not until at least late October.
I’m going to blatantly use ideas for internal workings from @tinywyvern‘s suit (which is incredible, might I add, I’m excited to see what the actual final costume looks like by next year!), as well as build on the weaknesses of my first suit, Baby. For starters, it’ll be modular - Baby is a tail-attached bodysuit, and as such is very hard to get in and out of, and impossible to store because her spikes break very easily.
Cherry Bomb will also make use of air vents between the scales and a fan in the head. I’ll see if I can get a moving jaw going on, too.
Also I decided way back that the suit would be an alpha, as a step up, but seeing TW’s finished suit today.. also alpha. what a coincidence


Joan Jett & the Blackhearts perform Cherry Bomb with Dave Grohl

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, 2015


Someone requested for pictures of my OF music collection.

Missing my CO cd, Numbers, The Award Tour 2 and OF vol. 2 :(

Also missing my 2 other Cherry Bomb’s. One is in my car and my other copy is lost atm lol.

Yeah I added Vince Staples cds because he’s affiliated with them..