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Type of flowers for each zodiac sign.
  • (All this is taken from the internet).
  • Aries: Sunflowers - A beautiful plant native of North America where the old and present indigenous communities consider it a sacred plant since it rotates throughout the day to orient towards the sun. These are flowers that can reach six meters, of color orange-yellow in the center of which are created the seeds that once ripe can be consumed as pipes.
  • Taurus: Tulips - Tulips are the classic plants appreciated by florists and plant lovers. They come from Asia and Europe and are also present in some areas of the Middle East,Varieties of colors that range from yellow to plum to red or bronze.
  • Gemini: Carnations - Carnation is native to the Arctic of North America and South Africa, but is now grown in many more parts of the world. There are different types of carnation flowers: common, Chinese, poet, crowned and rock.As a curiosity, Chinese is the most admired by lovers of gardening and the city of Cadiz has one of the largest.
  • Cancer: Margaritas - Daisies are wild plants that are often found in lawns or gardens. They are located anywhere in the world although they originated in North Africa, Europe and Central Asia. The petals of the daisies have a white color and an elongated shape, with a bud in the middle that is of usually golden or yellow.
  • Leo: Daffodils - Daffodils are really beautiful flowers whose origin is established in Europe and especially in the Mediterranean, although they are also found in China and Central Asia. They usually bloom in spring, but some species do in autumn and often need a warm climate to grow well.
  • Virgo: Dahlias - Beautiful flowers are many, but few are as elegant as the dahlias. These are plants that They are cultivated since a bulb. They are a very appreciated plant because they present really beautiful and lively tones. It is a garden plant that needs little care.
  • Libra: Hydrangeas - Hydrangea is an ornamental plant from southern and eastern Asia, areas of China, Korea And also from Indonesia and the Himalayas, as well as from different parts of America.
  • There are many varieties or classes of flowers, but they are usually shrubs up to three meters, others are small trees and others are lianas.
  • Scorpio: Lilies - Lily is a plant belonging to the lily family growing in Europe, Japan, South India and the Philippines. This plant can also be found in the US and Canada, especially in prairies and mountain forests, although they can be adapted to many conditions. You will find them in white, orange or red tones and with a scent that characterizes them.
  • Sagittarius: Roses - Roses are natural from North America, Europe and Asia. There are three types of rose flowers, classified in roses scrub, bush, climbers. There are a large number of different kinds of roses and their colors are really variable, ranging from white to red through orange, yellow and pink.
  • Capricorn: Cherry Blossoms - The cherry blossoms are one of the symbols of the well-known Japanese culture, who also call it Sakura. It is a plant that blooms during the spring. The rest of the year the cherry trees are covered by leaves, naked in winter and in spring they appear full of flowers with an appearance of clouds of beautiful pink tones.
  • Aquarius: Lotus flowers - The lotus flower is an aquatic plant whose leaves are floating. The leaves can measure up to 100 centimeters in diameter while the flowers can add up to 23 centimeters. They are often found in southern Russia, Azerbaijan, Eastern Siberia, China, India or Japan, although they are now found all over the world in white, hot pink or pale pink.
  • Pisces: lavender - The lavender plant has a wide variety of species. The origin of this plant is in the area of the Mediterranean and occur mainly in the islands known as the Canaries and also in the Azores. This perennial plant has its outbreak every year. It also has leaves with sharp features and has beautiful flowers of bilabial type. These flowers are very blue in color and also present in violet tones. The flowers are presented in groups and shaped like spikes.

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