cherry tree

how i describe gay ships with male rwby characters, a nustshell:

Jaune/Ren: two boys hugging it out and much comfort in this ship

Sun/Neptune: bluenette finds out he’s gay for his best bro-friend-buddy-partner

Any Ship involving CRDL: ….moving on….

Sage/Scarlet: spicy and that is literally all i can say about it

Fox/Yatsuhashi: he has a friendly giant boyfriend and that is important

Bolin/Nadir: just let these two be in a cute relationship

Brawnz/Nolan/Roy: he gets two boyfriends figh t me

Oscar/Whitley: “oscar use the cane to hit this idiot”

Porter/Oobleck: it just kind of happened i don’t know where this came from

Ozpin/Qrow: “qrow no” “qrow yes”

feel free to add more descriptions of other ships with the boys