Sampled on draught, this porter poured deep ruby-brown/black with a sizeable off white head. The head soon dissipated and left a ring. The nose contained toasted malts, a touch of chocolate and cherry. The cherries smelled real, not artificial or like cough syrup (Ontario cherries were used and the beer in unfiltered). The taste is quite sweet, with notes of caramel coffee, chocolate, roasted malts, and cherry of course. The cherry lend a fruity sweetness but also a hint of tartness as well. The finish is semi-dry with lingering sweet with no discernable bitterness. The body is on the thinner side and the carbonation is light. This was a pleasant enough beer, the flavours worked well together but I was expecting something a little less subtle and more robust.

5.5% from Picton, Ontario

I wasn’t kidding here’s the new crew
so first there’s Grizz, you guys know him. Hes probably replacing a lost brother when he joins this squad.
Diez is the captain. Don’t fuck with her she’ll fuck you the fuck up. Probably is really (passive?) aggressive towards Grizz at first cuz she’s not excited about a replacement for their lost teammate.
Then there’s TKO, or just TK for short. P laid back guy. He had a nasty run in with a grenade, what’s new. Kinda like the hardcore, older, less happy, commando version of Roundhouse.
Then finally there’s Cherry. They’re team medic. Doesn’t talk much but they’re a sweetheart deep down. But don’t fuck with them either they’ll fuck you the fuck up.


‘The Amethyst connection is hilarious. It was not intentional but Steven Universe is a great show and Amethyst could be like my sister, so… so lets leave it at that, maybe I was cosplaying her!’  *laughs* - Cherry (x)