cherrish the moment

When I’m with friends, I fade out into a mindset of how long I’ve got left with them, and that’s what the most important part of a friendship is. Cherrishing every moment you’ve got with them until it’s gone.
—  Tyler J. Draper
Dear Journal,

I’m sorry i haven’t wrote in here yesterday.. I basically slept all day long. Lily got me soup and she talked about her date with James. She was blushing and her eyes were glowing.

“We went to this really cute restaurant and there was a table booked for us by the window. It was so romantic! The snow outside and the candles! All diner long he looked at me in the eyes and he was such an gentleman! And oh Merlin.. At the end of the date we were walking back and i wanted to kiss him so much.. Remus does that mean i have feelings for him?!” She asked.

“I don’t know Lily.. You are the one who decides. If you feel it in your heart, then tell him.” I said smilling.

“I will, tommorow.. Now get some sleep .” She hugged me, trying not to hurt me to much.

I went back to sleep and woke up this morning feeling way better. Sirius was laying close to me. I snuggled my face in his long hair. His soft hands were attached to my sides and it made me shiver.

“You awake baby?” He asked.

“Yes.. I don’t ever want to leave this bed.”

“Believe me moons, I don’t either..”

Today, the sky was bright. The sun was shinning on the white snow and the wind was softly warmer than usual. James stood up from his bed and went to the window to open it.

“We need fresh air in this room, Merlin! It smells old.” He laughed.

A fresh breath of air entered the room. James approached Sirius’ bed and got in the covers, squiching us all together.

“Prongs get out! I’m cuddling my boyfriend here!” Sirius said, laughing.

“I THOUGHT I WAS YOUR BOYFRIEND MATE” James screamed back at him.

“You boys be carefull! I’m gonna fall from the bed” I responded.

“Okay let’s go eat breakfast and then we go outside! I need sunlight… seriously” James said.

“Siriusly you mean!” Sirius laughed.

After being lazy, we dressed but i had trouble putting my shirt because my back and arms were still sore.

“Pads.. Can you help me.. I-I can’t put my shirt on…”

“Of course babe.. here put your arms up a bit for me.”

After Sirius helped me, we went down to get breakfast.

“Are you okay to walk moons?” Sirius asked.

“Yeah i’m alright, just don’t walk too fast!” I laughed.

Outside, the sun was glowing on my skin. I took a deep breath of fresh air. Sirius was holding my hand tightly. We sat next to the half frozen lake and I read my book while the boys were planning a prank on some slytherins.

After a few minutes, Lily arrived. She was wearing a dusty rose spring coat and her hair were tied up in a messy bun.

“Heum.. James? Can I… Can I talk to you?” She asked, playing with her fingers.

“Yes.. Are you okay?”

“Yes I-I just need to talk to you..”

They slowly walked away, standing close to eachother. Sirius looked at me with a questionned face. Since I was smilling, he asked:

“Do you know something I don’t?”

“Maybe.. You’ll know soon.”

We watched them from where we were. James looked nervous. Lily too. Then suddently he hugged her and spun her around. When he pulled away he kissed her lips. Sirius put his fingers at the border of his lips to whistle to them. They walked back to us, holding hands. James was smilling ear to ear.

“So are you guys together?!?” Sirius asked.

“Yes we are..” Lily said, blushing.

“YES MATE YOU DID IT!” Sirius highfived James.

Lily walked up to me and hugged me close.

“Thanks Remus… You are the best friend i could ever ask for!”

“I’ll always be here for you Lily..”

“Hey! Let my girlfriend go mate! She’s all mine now!” James laughed.

We spent all afternoon outside. Sirius and James turned into their animagi and played around while Lily and I were chatting. Simple things like this made me happy. And I cherrish these moments.

I’ll write tonight.
January 28th 1976