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Man Jello I have to give you credit, that intro to the Zora fight was so freaking badass. You did amazing work with describing the imagery (and also the actual imagery of her boss banner) in a super cool way, and the music was just a cherry on top. Also massive credit to both you and Roob for how adorable that Charles encounter was. Im not sure if I'd rate this as my favorite session of Anime Campaign or not, but it definitely had my favorite highest if the high moments.

Thanks a lot!

Roob did a good job with that timing which makes me feel bad since I think I could’ve executed Giovanni’s intro better

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Gotta give Ultra Magnus some love can you do a Ultra Magnus x Cybertronian reader where his S/O plans a whole night out just for Magnus so he can relax and take a break from being stress? Magnus deserves a break and your work us amazing!

You had it all planned out, right to the last detail. There was no way that tonight wasn’t going to be the best night the both of you had had in a long time. The real cherry on top, as the humans would call it, is that you had asked Optimus about it, and he had given you a little extra something to help you get Ultra Magnus away from working. 

You approached Ultra Magnus with a bounce in your step. “Mags, come with me for a drive.”

Ultra Magnus didn’t even look away, “I’m sorry, y/n, but I’m really busy right now.” He hated to deny you, but his work was important.

You hid your amusement as you replied, “Sorry Mags, but this is on Optimus’s orders. There were some weird signals 13 miles away from the base, and he wants us to check it out.” You hand him the datapad that Optimus gave you in ‘proof’, hiding your smirk. He looked it over, before nodding and letting you lead the way.

It was nice driving there with him, there was a comfortable silence, occasionally broken by brief conversation between the two of you before fading into comfortable silence once again.

You arrived at your destination, a small canyon, surrounded by high cliff, on the bottom of the canyon was flat, with a large tarp that you had prepared earlier.

Ultra Magnus transformed and frowned, “This isn’t really a mission isn’t it?”

You laughed, “Optimus and I agreed that you deserved a break,” you said transforming and jumping down and onto the tarp turning back to look up at him, “Don’t tell me you don’t like stargazing anymore?”

He shook his head and lied down next to you, you two watched the stars in remembrance of the stars back on Cybertron, they were the same stars, but from a different angle, with new and different patterns. 

You broke the silence, “I talked to the kids the other day, and the humans have this thing with naming constellations after different images they make. I still have trouble spotting them myself, but after some more time with lil’ Raf I can make out a few… Like there, that one!” You point to the sky and Ultra Magnus follows your direction with his optics.

“They call that one Leo because it’s supposed to look like a lion, looks more like a horse to me, but I guess that's what the humans see. And that one…” You go on to explain the few constellations that you could remember. You eventually look back to Ultra Magnus and smile when you see him in recharge.

‘Good’ you think looking back up, ‘He deserves a good rest.’.

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What was the point at which you boarded the ship and was there anything in particular that got you on board.? Have you ever taken yourself on shore at any point?

I watched my first Outlander ep in October 2014 and started shipping after I saw Sam and Cait interacting in their interviews during that first awards season they spent in LA that winter. I discovered Tumblr’s shipper community courtesy of an attack of the antis on Jess on twitter and realized that there were other fans who saw exactly what I did between Sam and Cait.
So I started my Tumblr blog. Never been on the shore since, anon. Only one moment of doubt after Abby “popped her Munro cherry” on the top of a Scottish mountain and posted a picture of the view, which was spectacular if a bit cloudy. The whole shipper fandom went off the rails and blogs were deleted left and right and puffy said we were done shipping as of that moment. It was a weird time, anon, as Abby was the first one that was any good at this innuendo thing and no one knew where it was all going even though it surely didn’t look real, but people were doubting. But I’d been climbing before and as far as I was aware it is not a particularly romantic pastime; it’s mostly cold, and dangerous, and done usually in group settings as well. Why couldn’t Abby just have been excited about completing her personal physical challenge- her MPC- done with a group of friends. Because, after all she had spent several months at home and then several weeks in Glasgow getting fit for such a challenge. And since she and Sam had known each other for literally years before this there didn’t need to be any romantic angle at all to her presence on that mountain taking part in her friend Sam’s new My Peak Challenge program- after all he had come on board a healthy eating campaign run by Abby and her sister several years before. Just a bit of reciprocity between friends. And I also realized that nobody else’s doubts needed to keep me from shipping. So I stayed, and Abby eventually moved on and started a health and fitness lifestyle blog- fancy that! And then the next one came- same shit different day- and I’m still here…


When the starting lineup is announced, Isco and Morata joke about their place on the “menu” {} | February 26, 2017

So, canonically, turians are much taller than humans, right? Like, they’re supposed to be 6 or 7 feet on average.

But because of game mechanics, we tend to see them much shorter, more around human height. Like so:

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But, you guys.

You guys.

Did you notice?

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Height differences.

limitless or cherry bomb? good thing or running 2 u? heartbreaker or 0 mile? back 2 u or sun and moon? baby don’t like it or whiplash? angel or summer 127?

Prince performing at Wembley Arena, 1986

The finale of BB19 has completely redeemed the season holy shit. Why do I thrive on Paul losing for a second year in a row LMAO