cherokee limited


(Back to Wilderness School! Ever wonder how Leo and Piper first met?  I do. so here’s my idea. Piper POV.)

Her roommates were friends.  Her classmates were friends.  The problem was, they just weren’t friends with her. 

Not that Piper had expected ‘Wilderness School’ (even the notion!) to be any better than the usual schools she was forced to attend.  

She threw herself into her schoolwork instead, filling the gap with note-taking and book-reading.  Her grades were top-notch, and Piper felt pride at finally excelling at something.  She could handle the lonely nights and empty lunch table, no problem.  

Or so she told herself.

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Jeep Announces Night Eagle Edition Cherokee 

Plans to continue the success of the remarkable Jeep Cherokee range of 4x4 vehicles have been announced, with details of a stylish new Cherokee ‘Night Eagle’ version. Based on the Longitude ‘Plus’ mid-trim level, Cherokee Night Eagle features black styling cues which reassert Jeep’s personality and flair for customization. It will cost £36,795 OTR when it goes on sale later this week.

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