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Under the cut you will find #168 plain rp icons of Angel Haze, as requested by @bagofgroceries. I screencapped all of these pictures myself, as well as cropping/resizing and editting them, but the videos that I took them from do not belong to me. They are all 100x100 px. If you use them a like or reblog would be appreciated.

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3 Native American Students Chosen as Truman Scholars

When the list of 58 Truman Scholars was released for 2015, it included three Native American students.Those students are Villanova University junior Keith Martinez, Oglala Lakota Sioux; Stanford senior Alfred Delena, who grew up on the Pueblo of Zuni Reservation; and Vanderbilt University junior Ariel Helms, Cherokee.

As the fresh 2011 rings throughout our eardrums, we are now yurning for new adventures, experiences, crafts, and bright new friends to share them with. To whom we behold? In our own hands! Take this year by the damn horns and ride it until you achieve your goals, find success, and recieve what you have always deserved.

You will soon see some changes compared to my typical collections with my fresh and latest collection: Angry Winter. Darker Gemstones, more crystals; amethyst, citrine, heavier thick bronze chains, leather, deer hyde, intricate head dresses, floral feather and butterflie ribbon wreaths. This is all coming your way! All handmade, one of a kind and at fabulous prices

Clearly I am not unaware of the dramatic increase of ladies getting to gether to sell their own creations. I respect what they do. But, as Cherokee Arielle rises I want my fairies to know that I will allways be the original go to Mermaid Queen for custom made, one-of-a-kind, intricate handmade creations with very inexpensive prices. Not mentioning the give you get with every purchase. (At check-out your options will be revealed)

My website will be up very soon! no more tumblr! Just a clean portfolio, sold and for sale sections, and direct PayPal Buttons!

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Love, Cherokee Arielle