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Last Saturday’s show was absolutely perfect! We’ve never played a better show than that. This post includes a review segment and photos, both from Emma Branson.

“Tongue Sculptors is Alan Von Ens’ indie band; a musical group with a lot of members and even more heart. On Saturday there were 6 musicians present.  Created with a heavy focus on harmony it is hard to balance the complex sound with the amount of members it takes to create it. This is especially challenging with drums - which generally hold the tempo. Ricardo Lagomasino and Dave Collis played the beats wonderfully, just not always at the same time. When the two fell into sync there was an a-ha moment that came over the crowd. It sounded so beautiful at once, everyone knew why both of them were present. Needless to say the double singing idea worked better than double drummers; Jamie’s gentle singing echoing Alan’s talky-vocals created something audially interesting and served as a good distraction from some of the difficulties. But really, gotta give it to Tongue Sculptors keeping the Philly indie scene alive and trying something new, with some further polishing they could definitely be destined for greatness.” - Emma Branson.

Hopefully more photos will come our way of the event and thank you so much to everyone that was involved with this event!

until next time,

Tongue Sculptors