I draw most things, so here is a list of things that I don’t:

  • hentai
  • gore
  • mecha

How to request:

  • send me an email titled ‘Commission’ (or something to this effect)
  • specify which type of commission you are interested in
  • description (poses, clothes etc)
  • references, if any

With this, I will let you know if I accept your request, inform you of the payment details, and how soon I will be able to deliver the goods!


I only accept payments via Paypal.
Singaporeans may choose to transfer me the cash via a local bank.

Only make the payment after I have confirmed your request, please!
I will only start after I have received payment.

Your rights:

The drawing is now yours! Do whatever you want with it; avatars, banners, wallpapers etc. However, it should only be for personal use, not commercial. Please do not attempt to sell my work. Thank you!

If you’re interested, do drop me an email at! I may miss your message if you DM me here on Tumblr, Instagram, or any social media, so this is a heads up~