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Congrats on 2K!!!! You totally deserve it! I'd love to read your take on prompt #36 (xx peacelovebughead)

@peacelovebughead Thank you so very much, love!!! Hope you enjoy this!! <3

36.   “You can’t banish me. This is my bed too.”

He could feel himself being woken up, slender fingers running down the extent of his damp in sweat bare chest, the heat still borderline unbearable in their small student apartment, its location, surrounded by old and threatening tall New York apartment buildings, not letting any hint of night breeze offer some of its coolness despite all the rusty windows being wide open. Short nails were scratching lightly between his pecs, down his abs and then up his biceps in affection and the traffic commotion down the always busy main road started invading his mind as he slowly stirred awake. Disorientated eyes danced for a second inside the darkness of the small living area and he brought a hand to rub away their fatigue adorably, smiling lazily at his beautiful girlfriend that looked sweetly down at him, sitting next to his sprawled slender figure on their creaky and surely uncomfortable for a grown man to sleep on cheap Ikea couch.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered instantly once getting his attention, Jughead just sighing and shaking his head to indicate that everything was alright. Clearly, as grumpy as he was hours ago when he had stumbled half-asleep in their bedroom to find her spread out like a starfish diagonally on their double bed, now he couldn’t hold it against her; not when she was looking at him with remorseful Bambi eyes and a cute little pout on her stunning make-up free face, her frizzy, due to humidity, hair in a funny pineapple atop her head and only in some mismatched underwear, a grey and turquoise sports bra and a pair of neon pink boyshorts panties, in order to endure the furnace of their apartment.

He opened his arms and nodded for her to slide inside his embrace, Betty complying in a heartbeat, curling like a cherish cat tightly against his muscular body, practically lying on top of him due to the small space. “It’s the fifth time this week.” He mused, bopping her messy bun in affection with his cheek as he let his fingers dance against her bare shoulder, watching her smooth legs fitting perfectly in between his bony, raven hair littered ones.

“I know; I’m sorry.” She whispered again guiltily, her peach colored nails twirling around the white string that held his black cotton shorts lowly against his hips, his abdominal muscles flexing at even the smallest of her touches. “I’m just so tired and I drop dead on the mattress and I don’t even register that I take up so much space.” His girlfriend explained what he already knew, pouting adorably against his hard pec and leaving a soft kiss there as a sweet apology.

They were in the middle of their finals week, both of them sleep deprived and practically living on caffeine, barely having time for the other as their studying schedules were completely reversed; she was an early bird, he was a night owl. She would go to bed early, more correctly, she would drop like the dead when the clock would strike twelve and he would stumble in their bedroom every night hours later, only to find his space on the bed occupied either by her killer legs or her awkwardly spread over arms. And she wouldn’t change position, even if the world was burning down around her. He would try moving her, sliding her over, nudging her sweetly to wake up; nothing worked. She just kept dreaming peacefully, rosy lips parted in innocent wonder and eyelids flattering against puffy cheeks and he would just drag his feet to that very own couch in the living room that barely fit his long limps.

You can’t banish me, you know. This is my bed too.” His voice scattered around them in lighthearted teasing, Betty’s lips forming a pretty smile that tickled the soft skin of his torso, making him smile too in the darkness.

“I wouldn’t dare.” She murmured sleepily, a small yawn coloring the end of her sentence, the hours of endless studying about language structure and origins fueling the exhaustion of her body and mind. “Your side of the bed is closer to the door so if somebody breaks in they’re probably gonna get you first and then I can run.” She blurted adorably against his chest and Jughead scoffed before chuckling in disbelief, leaving a kiss at the top of her head at how unbelievably amazing she was.

“Your affection has me hooked, Betts, really.” He offered his sarcastic response, feeling her tightening the hold of her arms around him, his own hands lacing against her hip.

“Meh, you love me anyway.” She whispered lowly, before sleep overtook her completely, leaving him smirking at the happy feeling deep inside his chest at how wonderful his life had turned out to be.

“Yeah, sunshine.” he murmured lowly too, before his own eyelashes became heavy under the spell of Morpheus. “I do love you anyway.”

2k followers little prompts


w i t c h e s  :  elementals (controllers of the elements)

air — the witches of air are plagued by misconceptions, most believing them to be fragile and wispy. they are the very creators of tornadoes and cyclones, the voices behind the eerie howling of the wind. unexpectedly violent they love to stir up trouble, their curses carry for miles and the birds above do their bidding.

— they dress in shades of black and red, their makeup is sharp and their fingers spark to light their cigarettes. witches of fire are hotheaded and quick to anger, and have a love of experimenting with spells that cross the line. they are beautiful in the harshest of ways, with wolfish grins than warn men away. 

— often mistaken for sirens or mermaids; they are elegant and graceful, their every move a fluid dance. they are aloof and shy, but playful to a fault. they wear dresses of silk and chiffon and decorate their rooms with sea shells and shades of blue. mist rises from their finger tips and waves are conjured to keep prying eyes from coming too near. 

earth — they have an affinity for animal companions, namely black cats, and cherish the feel of grass beneath their fingers. trees whisper secrets as they stride past, ivy twines itself through their hair and herbs offer themselves for the purest of spells. they make their homes in the very woods they’re born, rooted to the land of their ancestors. 

The Book of Life Au.

“Yes, it is. And on this particular day of the dead after centuries of being banished judy finally had enough.”

Two mammal figures floated up from there graves on the left is Nick Wilde he’s wearing an huge large hat with candles around it, wearing an beautiful red dress and paws on his curvy waist. On his right is Judy Hopps wearing an suit with flames on her shoulders wings on her back with a silver grey crown on her head with it her two-headed snake cane. Then they step off it and started walking more or less hovering through the small village looking at the living mammals respecting there loved ones.

“Really, my fox you have no idea how cold and vile the land of forgotten has become.” said judy ears perked up making nick chuckle softly at her then said. “Just like you and your father hearts, carrots. Just like your hearts.”

“Hey leave him out of it.”

“He’s the one who wanted me to love you, cute bunny.”

Judy blushed. “Don’t call me cute.”

“You know you love me.”

Judy grunts then noticed a male lion sneakily drinking while his wife and daughter are praying and respecting of there love ones. She smirks as she sizzled the flames out the candles making the lion eyes widen in shocked, but nick light them back making the lion gasp in shocked he looked at the bottle and prayed with his family making nick laugh.

“Why must i rule the bleak wasteland while you enjoy the endless fiesta party in the land of the remembered of prey and predators? It’s simply not fair.” she said with a smug then grins like a cherish cat when she was about to touch an elderly male deer who was praying to his dead wife but was stopped by nick. “Judy.” He slapped her paw away with his tail. “What? It’s his time to join his beautiful wife. More or less.”

“Uh-uh. Not today, sweetheart.” nick said floating away swishing his tail sexily but judy appeared infront of him.

“Come on, blueberries. Trade lands with me. I beg of you.” begging judy but nick is not pleased or a bit amused by her

“Oh. You’re so cute.”

“I’m serious. I hate it down there.”

“It’s not my fault, it’s your fault that you’re there because you cheated!” said pissed nick “You had your carrot pen with that wager.”

Judy is shocked then was about to protest when nick beat her to it and said. “Your no the bunny girl that i fell in love with all those centuries ago.”

She cringed at that then try to changed the subject. “Let’s forget what’s in the past mi amor.” nick growled at her in playful anger making her gulp nervously then look down and smiled. “Anyway, i was thinking how about another wager.”

“You think you can calm the flames of my hatred with another bet.” said furious nick then he see judy purple skull eyes looking at him then down he turned around to look at what she was looking then look back at her calmly an said. “What exactly do you have in mind, carrots.”

Judy laughed as she disappeared into a cloud of black mist carrots as nick follows as he disappear into a cloud of flower blueberries then appeared on the roof of the church building. “Let’s check out the menu for the evening.”


“Ah, look there, my sly fox. Classic mortal mammal dilemma.” Judy smirks as she watches nick smile. “Two boys. Best friends, no less. One bunny and a sheep.”

“Oh, in love with the same vixen i see.”

‘Just like old times.’ judy think in her head as she remember she and female lion are fighting over nick to see who can marry him the lion almost won but she cheated and i won him over.

“Fear not, senorita. Your has arrived.” said kaida

“Is that so.” said skye

“How dare you interrupt me an guitarrista.” said jack strumming his guitar dodge kaida attack to pounce him making skye giggle at them. The two boys start play fighting and dodge eachother attacks to try to impress skye but she wasn’t. She chuckled jumped off the rock she was sitting on and went to the boys that are still fighting.

“The vixen is mine, savage.”

“No kaida. She is mine.” Then they were pushed to the ground by skye as she smirks at the two paws crossed annoyed and said. “I belong to no one.” They were both admired by her strength, serious, and courage. “Whoa.” the two said making nick smiled.

Judy sighed. “I believe we have our wager. Which boys will marry her, blueberries.”

“Very well, carrots.”

The First Cup Of Coffee

Summary: Four times that Spencer gets the first cup of coffee in the morning and a fifth that she realizes she wants Caleb to have that privilege. 

(Okay, I think this turned out huge but I have so many feels for them and when I start writing them I want to write a frigging trilogy of their life together so yeah! xD I really hope you like it!!)

He wakes up with bright rays warming his profile and birds tweeting away in a lively chorus. It takes a second for his eyes to shred their heaviness and his mind to abandon dream world but when that’s done, it all comes crashing down on him; new texts, new mysteries, new A or whatever the hell the person that started tormenting them this time would like to be called. His frowned focus on the ceiling is disturbed by a stirring movement on his side and he titles his head to watch her, chocolate locks frizzy and sprawled across her pillow and his arm, as her head lays on the inside of his elbow, sleepy pouty lips tickling his soft skin with every even breath she takes. Her eyes are fluttering and he hopes her dream is nothing like her reality, leaning down to place a feather light kiss on her temple and then the corner of her lips, trying to reassure her that whatever happens he is in this too, always with her, and he won’t stop fighting whatever psycho is haunting her until she won’t need to dream the life she wished she had.

Caleb moves to sit up and she mewls softly, her slender fingers running up his shoulder to anchor herself on him as she slides like a cherish cat to his side, him smiling lovingly at the gesture and there is a heavy feeling in his chest, something that makes him want to sigh in nervous excitement. He gives her one more kiss, a longer one, on the top of her hair, and takes a rich doze of her neutral airy scent before untangling her from him as gently as possible and getting off the bed; now their bed. He sees her curling his pillow to her chest and smiles again, that lovesick smile that he always made fun of, that he always believed his lips would never form in his entire life and he walks lazily to the small kitchen, turning on the coffee machine to brew some of her favorite beverage.

It takes only three minutes for the room to fill with the warm aroma as the pot is filled with coffee and as if she senses it, and he is pretty damn sure she does, he hears her patting lightly to his direction before he feels a kiss between his shoulder blades, light but sensual enough to make a shiver run down his spine. He turns with a smirk and fists the cotton material of his favorite jumper on her hips, one more reason to make him smile like an idiot, and they kiss good morning, ignoring bad breaths and whatnot because everything felt comfortable with them, simple, easy.

“We’re falling into a morning routine, aren’t we?” Spencer smirks playfully, face inches away from his smiley one and arms laced behind his neck, as he leans back at the counter and closes his at the small of her waist, kissing her more.

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Halle Berry’s New Puppy Is So Cute You May Squee
Halle Berry, pictures earlier this month at VH1’s Dear Mama event, has a new baby: a puppy named Jackson. (Photo: Getty Images/Halle Berry via Instagram)

Halle Berry and her kids have a new four-legged friend.

Two weeks after they put their cherished cat, Playdough, to sleep due to illness, the actress, 50, updated her social media followers that they got a new dog. And while adorable little Jackson, who is so perfect that he looks like a stuffed animal, won’t replace ole Playdough, Berry says their hearts are a little fuller with his arrival.

Introducing… JACKSON! While you can’t replace one animal with another, a new furry friend sure does bring joy and help ease the pain. Get ready for #livinglikejackson!

A post shared by Halle Berry (@halleberry) on May 24, 2017 at 4:55pm PDT

“Introducing… JACKSON!” the X-Men star wrote on Wednesday. “While you can’t replace one animal with another, a new furry friend sure does bring joy and help ease the pain.”

Berry promised there will be many more photos of the sweet little pup, ending her post with, “Get ready for #livinglikejackson!”

The mom of two shared on May 11 that they had to put down their cat, who was battling brain cancer. Her 3-year-old son, Maceo, was especially close to the 16-year-old feline.

Yesterday my heart broke as we had to put our beloved Playdough to rest due to brain cancer. This little guy lit up our lives and brought us joy every day for 16 years! While his loss is tough for all of us, especially my children, it’s an inevitable part of life. Playdough and Maceo were pals. Every morning they had b’fast together. Playdough his kibble and Maceo his Cheerios… Side by side… On the floor together. The bond my kids shared with Playdough was unique and special and through it, they learned compassion and kindness and the importance of loving and caring for life’s sweetest creatures. Yesterday Playdough reminded us all that it’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all! We will miss him! ❤️❤️❤️

A post shared by Halle Berry (@halleberry) on May 11, 2017 at 5:17pm PDT

“Every morning they had b’fast together,” Halle wrote along with the sweetest pic of Maceo kissing the cat with the star looked on. “Playdough his kibble and Maceo his Cheerios… Side by side… On the floor together. The bond my kids shared with Playdough was unique and special and through it, they learned compassion and kindness and the importance of loving and caring for life’s sweetest creatures.”

And now they have a sweet new creature to care for — and we have pictures of Jackson to ooh and ahhh over. Everybody wins.

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hc that magnus had always wanted a cat since he was a baby cuz he has always felt connected to these creatures cuz his and their eyes were so alike

and when he was young he loved to make cats magically appear with his magic cuz their presences were reassuring to him

don’t think about the joy magnus must have felt the first time he was able to adopt a cat, a joyful little feline he saved from a life on the streets and offered it a loving and warm home

don’t think about how devastated he must have felt when his first companion - the first living being to never let him down, unlike his mother, his step-father or any other person who was horrified to see magnus’ uncommonl eyes - died and he was left alone to face the cruelty of the world 

don’t think about all the cats magnus cherished and lost over the decades, over the centuries

don’t think about the fact that every time his pet - and friend - dies, a piece of magnus’ heart dies with it

don’t think about magnus being completely crazy about all of his furry fellows

don’t think about how magnus never forgot his former cats’ names

don’t think about how magnus always sips a drink on his cats’ birthdays and whispers birthday wishes to them into the air

don’t think about how pleased magnus must have felt to see that Chairman Meow loves Alec

don’t think about how, after both Chairman Meow’s and Alec’s deaths, memories of them both will forever be intertwined in magnus’ head

just don’t.

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Supercat - 12

things you said when you thought I was asleep

“I just want to see her, Alex,” Cat pleads through the crack in the door. “You don’t understand what happened.”

“I understand plenty,” Alex snaps, and Kara flinches when Alex’s fingers flex automatically towards her gun, even though it’s unholstered and sitting on the coffee table. “Kara’s asleep. Because you messed with her enough to make her blow her powers out trying to impress you.”

Kara could speak up now. If Cat hears her voice, she’ll persist until Alex has to let her in. Kara could get off the couch and face Cat herself, but she’s so tired of not being good enough. Cat seeing her this pathetic, bruised and tear-stained, it won’t do anything to restore her faith in her assistant.

“Is she okay? Can you tell me that much, at least?”

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“But I want to hear you sing" for SuperCat? Thanks!

Okay, this got out of hand. I know it was supposed to be a fluff starter but… well what can I say. Also this was totally inspired by Ally McBeal.

Kara wasn’t sure how she had gotten herself in this situation.

It felt inevitable. Like every possible road led to this exact moment in time. But then again, Cat had always felt like an inevitability to her. In a world full of uncertainty she had always been her constant, the answer to the riddle, the anchor that kept her grounded.

Myriad, red kryptonite, Livewire – they all had Cat Grant in common, giving her advice, standing by her side; a hero in her own way, Kara had always considered her to be the reason she succeeded in all those endeavors.

“Have I ever told you that my real name is Catherine?”

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Experiment #2

@abcooper this one is for you. If you’re not already feeling better, I hope this helps :)

(And if anybody’s wondering, Experiment #1 is here.)

It seemed the more Carter learned about her powers, the more questions he had.

“How do your eyes see through stuff?”

“We’re still figuring that one out.”

“How do they make lasers?”

“Still figuring that out too.”

“How do you adjust the length of the wave you’re emitting?”

“Uh…by squinting?”

“Can you make gamma rays?”



“I think so.”

“Can you cook stuff?”

Experiment #2

Carter bounced, grabbing the edge of the kitchen island, as Kara unloaded her haul of pizza pockets, and microwave popcorn.

“Do you have safety goggles?” Kara asked, ripping open the packaging on a pizza pocket. She placed it on a plate, and set it in the middle of the island. “Because I’ve never done this.”

Carter rolled his eyes, opening the physics textbook, that he had in front of him. “It’s not a bomb Kara. If it blows up we have lots of paper towels. And the fire extinguisher is under the sink.”

Kara nodded. “Right, and we don’t tell your mom-”

“Because you’re afraid of her.”

“Because I’m afraid of her, and because she loves this kitchen more than me, and I’m not allowed to actually cook in it-”

“Because you ruined her pots.”

“Let alone conduct experiments,” she finished.

Carter flipped through the pages of his textbook. “But it’s for my education, so I’m sure mom will be fine.” He found the page he wanted, and held it up to show Kara. “Okay, so here’s microwaves,” he said, pointing to the chart of wavelengths. “That’s where you’ve got to be.”

Kara nodded. “Cool. Okay come stand behind me.”

Grinning, Carter picked up his book, and came around to the other side of the island. “You got this.”

Kara squared her shoulders, and reaching back to make sure Carter stayed shielded by her radiation resistant body, shot a stream of bright light from her eyes. Too bright, if the charred husk of a once delicious pizza pocket was any indication.

“Whoa!” Carter exclaimed, running to dump it in the sink, and douse it, before the smoke detectors went off. He put the plate back on the island, and set up for another attempt.

“That was maybe a little too hot,” Kara stated.

Carter looked down at his textbook. “Yeah. Longer wavelength. You have to go from here,” he said, pointing to the part of the spectrum marked infrared, and sliding his finger to the left. “To here.”

Kara nodded. “Got it. Less barbecue, more microwave,” she said, as Carter stepped behind her.

She set herself up, and focused. The beam from her eyes was barely perceptible, it looked more like Kara was having a staring contest with her food, until Carter saw a drop of cheese and sauce ooze out onto the plate.

“Kara!” He hollered, jumping as he held on to both her shoulders. “You did it!”

Kara squealed, snatching the plate from the island, and taking a bite. “Just like mom makes,” she said with a grin.

Carter too a bight. “Yeah,” he said dryly. “Mom let’s me eat like this all the time.”

Kara laughed. “Well until she gets home, how about some popcorn, and a movie. Your pick.”


Cat heard the television through the penthouse door, and shook her head. Why did someone with super hearing need to have the volume so high? She should never have agreed to that surround sound system, but it was hard to say no to two sets of pleading blue eyes.

“How are you still hungry?” She heard Carter ask, as she kicked off her heels, and walked towards the den.

“Because I’m always hungry,” Kara proclaimed. “And now I don’t even have to get up to make more popcorn. I can microwave it right here, on the coffee table, with my eyes, ‘cause my kid is a friggin’ physics genius.”

Cat brought her hand to her mouth, and stopped in the doorway, watching as Kara threw her arm around Carter’s shoulder so casually, as though referring to him as ‘her kid’ while watching Raiders of the Lost Ark was just something that occurred every Saturday afternoon.

“Well we need more root beer,” Carter declared. “And unfortunately that still requires getting off the couch,” he finished, hopping up and turning to find Cat. “Hey mom,” he said with a smile, offering a quick hug, as he skipped by. “I’ll get you one too,” he added over his shoulder.

“Hey,” Kara beamed, turning from her spot on the couch. “Coming to join us? We’re going to watch it again with the commentary.”

Cat didn’t answer. Instead, she walked towards the couch, leaning over the back, to kiss her girlfriend silly.

“Missed me?”

“Always,” Cat answered, holding Kara’s face in her hands. “I didn’t miss that you just referred to Carter as your kid. I haven’t missed the way you look at him, or treat him. I haven’t missed how you know he only drinks A&W root beer, and that you go out of your way to find it in glass bottles because he thinks it tastes better. I haven’t missed that sometimes Supergirl goes on long flights up north, and when she comes back, there’s always five bags of ketchup chips in the pantry, because she knows Carter has been obsessed with them since I took him to Vancouver with me when he was little. I haven’t missed that you spend every precious, spare hour you have on a Saturday afternoon, making him feel special, and wanted, and cherished.”

Cat paused to brush her thumbs over Kara’s bright, rosy cheeks. “I love you so much, and so does Carter. So, if you want, we’ll talk to Carter tonight, and we can talk to the lawyers on Monday. Make it official.”

Kara nodded vigorously, and lifted Cat up and over the back of the couch, pulling the smaller woman into her lap, just as Carter returned.

“Is one of Kara’s powers, knowing exactly when I’m about to enter a room, so you guys can time it perfectly, and get me the most grossed out?”

“That’s one of my powers, sweetheart,” Cat answered, making herself comfortable in Kara’s lap. “But what’s this I hear about microwaving popcorn on my coffee table?”

The average length of a hug between two people is 3 seconds. But researchers have discovered something fantastic. When a hug lasts 20 seconds, there is a therapeutic effect on the body and mind. The reason is that a sincere hug produces a hormone called “oxytocin”, also known as the love hormone. This substance has many benefits in our physical and mental health, helps us, among other things, to relax, to feel safe and calm our fears and anxiety. This wonderful calming is offered free of charge every time we have a person in our arms, who cradled a child, we cherish a dog or cat, we’re dancing with our partner, the closer we get to someone or just hold the shoulders of a friend.

When Lily was eleven, she was finally able to go to Diagon Alley and pick out her pet. She had had her heart set on a cat since she was five, and a cat is exactly what she got. Upon walking into Magical Menagerie, the little redhead set her sights on a small cage with six kittens. There was one of every color. Lucy had already chosen the particularly fat brown one that wore a lacy pink ribbon around its neck. Ginny tried to push her daughter towards the white one with little pink toes and the cutest meow she had ever seen. Hermione tried to convince Lily to choose the black one that hadn’t stopped purring since they arrived. Instead, much to the chagrin the entire family, Lily picked the runt.
The kitten was quite small, with only a few tufts of fur here and there. It’s meow was more of a screech, and he hung from the top of the cage, trying its best to escape. No one should have been surprised. Lily had a knack for singling out the outcasts and taking them under her wing. Still, no one was so keen on the little thing. Lily, however, was adamant, and named it Magnus.
A year later, and Magnus was unrecognizable. His fur had all grown in. While small, he was still much larger, and his silky coat was so thick nobody could tell he was undersize. Despite his beauty, he managed to be quite a handful. The entire family detested him. Every morning and evening, Magnus would wander through the kitchen at the Burrow and knock over every glass in sight, creating quite the mess. He had a habit of dragging his bottlebrush tail through Lucy’s wet canvases, both ruining whatever painting she had spent days on and trailing paint all over the place. Every chance he got, he got into James and Fred’s pranking supplies and knocked all of Molly’s textbooks and parchment from her desk. He also had a habit of dragging Dominique’s bras all over the place and moving the invisibility cloak. If not for Lily’s insistence that Magnus only did it all on accident, James probably would have tossed the thing into the black lake, and Alice, who had found a pile of dead mice under her bed, would have gladly helped.

Magnus climbing around in the Forbidden Forest after having disappeared for three whole days.
Taken by Fred, who knew Lily was worried sick. Of course, Fred wasn’t about to catch the cat. He cherished his face too much for that.

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ok seriously, what impresses me is that taylor wrote wonderland with dianna references as such her tumblr title (title or url?) and her tattoo "we are all mad" AND then she posted that wonderland cat with cherish smile on tumblr and the gif said "we are all mad" and then her tags were #madness #love it LIKE??? TAYLOR??? WE AREN'T DUMB??? She just #confirmed swiftgron was real lol funny how the swifties are so quiet about this