cherish this picture forever

You know what Bahorel Definitely took Eponine to prom at some point

He found out she’d never gone so took her out to get the Perfect dress, did her hair and makeup himself, literally cried while taking pictures as if she were his daughter and then had Combeferre sneak them into the gymnasium of the school he was student teaching at (knowing full well his entire career could be destroyed because he wanted Ep to have a nice experience) they somehow didn’t get caught? Even though they’re both in their mid twenties and very obviously could not dance like teenagers without losing their breath despite being decently fit people and ending up getting into a political debate with one of the teachers wherein both of them discussed real life experiences they’ve had and Bahorel even brought up law school. They had fun, importantly Eponine had fun acting as a kid at a school dance without having to worry about what she’s going home to. Combeferre is convinced he should not be student teaching at that school but him and Bahorel have never felt better because of being able to see Eponine happy.

Eponine said it was one of her happiest memories and will cherish the ridiculously cliche photbooth pictures forever


So the best thing happened to me today. I got to meet one of my most favorite people and it was such a wonderful experience.

First off, this trip was an early 30th birthday gift from my family and I can’t thank them enough for making one of my dreams come true 💙

I told Roman thank you for everything he does for us fans and that he was an inspiration + why I even got back into WWE and why I stick around. He told me thank you so much for watching and supporting him :’)

I look so gross in the picture, but I’m gonna cherish it forever 💙💙

Last but not least, I got to meet another awesome person in @ricochetkings 😊 We made it without dying in the process lol

My KHR chibies are delayed cause my scanner chose to misbehave ;-; I’ll try to sort it out again today but if it won’t work I’ll just post photos, meh. I have enough chibies ready to make up for those few days so I’ll might just post them all today xD

Also this Daisy picture is my fav and I will cherish it forever, Eiki is such a skilled photographer *^*

Name: Heather

Age: 15

Location: Texas

Occupation: Student

Choosing only a few of my most prized possessions was very difficult, but I think I’ve narrowed it down to not only items that hold special memories, but also items that can represent my hobbies and myself.

The first item is one of my beloved Beatles records. It used to be my mom’s, but now it plays on repeat in my room. The Beatles hold such a special place in my heart and being able to hear their music through a record like my mom did when she was my age makes me so so happy.

The next item is a bottle of sand and water (it was once snow…I promise!!) that I got on a trip I took with my friends. It was also the first time I saw snow!! Woo!!

This notebook is definitely my most prized possession <3 It’s the first art journal that I’ve ever finished!! It took me about a year, but this journal opened me up to sharing and creating art everyday :)

I also have this stack of photos that holds many childhood memories and tons of pictures of my parents and grandparents. I’ll forever cherish these <3

And lastly, I have my incredibly used deck of cards. This deck has traveled with me for almost 4 years now and has not only resulted in my AWESOME magic trick skills, but has also been a helpful icebreaker for meeting new friends!

Thank you so much for reading and taking a look into my hobbies and memories <33 Hope you enjoyed!

raven_alanes My agent just let me know I booked my 8th commercial in 11 months so I’m celebrating by posting this pic of the most exciting job out of the bunch🌟The whole day was like a dream, and when I got to set I didn’t even know I was going to be working with Taylor. Her parents were on location and even offered my mom a seat right next them so she could see all the action. When we wrapped, SHE asked to meet me and I almost died. She is as gorgeous and kind as you would expect and she told me that she was homeschooled too! I won’t say what company the commercial was for but it’s a really cool one and it’s airing somewhere yet I’ve never seen it 🤔Ms. Swift if you ever see this, meeting you was so special and i’ll cherish this picture forever💋 #homeschoolchicksrock#taylorswift #dreamscometrue#commercial #superstar #kidsthatdance#msafam #msakats #lovemylife#thatssoraven

EXO reaction to their s/o being blind and wanting to touch their face to get a mental image

Overall this is just holds a sad undertone, though it can also be a rather intimate moment. This might not be crazily different for each member, but I am positive that each and every exo member would cherish something as significant as this.

-Admin Gray

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Baekhyun: This sort of situation would strike hard for Baekhyun, his expression falling slack as the love of his life grazed her fingertips lightly across his skin. His eyes would water as he mirrored her own curious face, his heart beating erratically as her fingers glided across his facial features. He would remain silent, in fear of breaking the intimate moment as she imagined what he looked like through her touch. In the end, she would slowly let her hands fall as she flashed the most beautiful smile he has ever seen. “I think you are the most handsome guy I have ever imagined,” Her light tone would have made him laugh on any other occasion, but the quiet and impactful moment they shared caused emotions to brew in his body. In the end, he kept quiet as a few tears fell down his cheeks, incredibly moved by what just occurred.

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Chanyeol: She would have asked softly, almost underneath her breath. But Chanyeol was attentive of her at all times, and registered immediately what she was suggesting. He hesitantly agreed to her wishes, afraid somehow that she would be unsatisfied by the feeling of his face underneath her fingers. She would smile as she grazed his cheekbones, lightly running her hands down his cheek before running her fingers across his lips. Feeling the tension thicken, he realized that this was a monumental moment in their relationship, and he would treasure it forever. His stomach would churn with nerves, ultimately feeling uneasy because she might picture someone who doesn’t fit her. But she would kiss away his insecurity, reassuring him that he was there to stay. It would be a nerve-inducing memory, nonetheless he would always cherish the moment she pictured him in her mind, so that she would forever treasure him as they progressed in their relationship.

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Chen: He would feel slightly guarded, but all of that would change as he watched her concentrated features. Sometimes he would find his heart clenching painfully whenever he would look into her unfocused eyes, forever wishing he could exchange them so she could see the world through his vision. He knows she doesn’t want that, though, so he never voiced it aloud, instead leaving it alone and always quietly admiring her. When she told him she wanted to picture him, he could only freeze in shock, her touch causing chills to run down his body. His heart squeezed painfully again, saddened by the fact that she would never be able to see him. She was so beautiful to him, and he wondered if he would be beautiful to her if she never saw him. “Beautiful,” she uttered, her smile washing away all of his doubts. Pain wasn’t encased around his heart anymore, instead a deep fondness for her that grew day by day.

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D.O: He would not say a word as she proceeded to touch her face, his vision being engulfed by her blatant beauty. Instantly he recognized how intimate this was, how this would be a memory forever stained inside of his head whenever he thought about his girlfriend. He recognized that this was a big step in the relationship, that in a way she was choosing to memorize his face through her touch because she wanted to keep him around. After she finished indulging herself in his facial features, he would grasp one of her hands lightly and press a soft kiss into her palm. “I hope I’m still worthy of being by your side.” She would only laugh, because they both knew Kyungsoo would do anything to make her happy. Hugging him tightly, she would quietly thank him, because situations like this aren’t always comfortable for people. Brushing off her words, he would only feel peace in the end, his heart pumping only for the girl who can only visualize him. And he was thankful to have her.

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Kai: He wouldn’t hesitate to agree on her wishes, but he would be unsure of how to react as she brushed her fingers across his face. Relaxing his face, he would try and focus on being serious, in order to satisfy her and perhaps allow her to envision someone handsome. All he wanted was for her to be satisfied, though he knew her sweet soul was anything but picky. When she would pause her movements, her fingertips spread across his cheeks, she would shyly utter, “You seem so handsome,” before ducking her head. An uncontrollable smile would spread his lips, and she would gasp as her fingers ran across his now straining smile. Shocking him, his smile would fall, highly aware of how much this meant to her. He would feel the need to apologize, though he wasn’t sure why. “I’m sorry.” She would only shake her head, embracing him as a silent thank you for the important moment.

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Lay: This would be an emotional moment for him, as his mind reeled about figuring out how to react. He wanted to remain stoic, a blank expression being his go-to option as she slowly studied him with her fingers, but he couldn’t contain himself. It was too emotional for him, and they both froze the moment tears fell out of his eyes, right onto her fingers. He couldn’t bear the thought of making her sad, so he would rush forward and embrace her tightly, stuttering out apologies. “I’m sorry, I just realized how important this is, and I want to be perfect for you.” Brushing his tears away with her hands, she would soothe him and assure him that she pictured him as the most beautiful man on Earth. Laughing joyfully, he would direct her hands to his face again, determined to remain strong for the woman of his dreams.

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Sehun: I think that this sort of situation would make him uneasy, simply because he had never experienced anything like it before. He would gaze at her with soft eyes, allowing her as much time as she needed, but he would feel on edge the entire time. It was the sort of situation that made him feel helpless, and he didn’t like that feeling at all. He would do anything for her, including reliving this precious moment a thousand times, but no matter what he would still feel like the air was stifling. He would do anything for her, and would admire her the entire time, even if it wasn’t the ideal emotional setting for him.

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Suho: This situation, he would cherish forever. No doubt about it, he would peer at her with soft eyes and a warm gaze as she pictured him, thoroughly running her hands across his skin. His eyelids would flutter close as she grazed them, sighing softly as he cherished her actions. He would loosen his expression when she would run her fingers across his lips, his lips lifting in a smile as she ran her hands down the bridge of his nose. This sort of moment he would lock away in his memory, the sort of memory that would haunt him at night as his heart soared at the thought of her. Whatever the scenario was, he embraced it fully for her because he loved her so much. After she was finished, he would kiss her fingertips passionately, smiling brightly at the sight of her peaceful face.

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Xiumin: Staring at her lovingly, he would allow as much time as she wanted, his hands resting on her hips. Tilting his head slightly, he would take the moment to study her own features, feeling breathless as he faced her beauty. Something about this moment registered as intimate to him, even more intimate than their first kiss that they shared, and it made him as nervous as school boy with a crush. Swallowing at her close proximity, he could only feel his palms sweat before he realized his feelings were ridiculous. This was the girl he was head over heels for, the girl who made him sing with joy and sigh with bliss. So as the moment wore on, he would stand there patiently, indulging in the silence and treasuring another moment they would both remember forever.


so everyone’s always talking about how the oni and devil skins are like their dark alter-egos but you know what? in reality Mercy spent months in advance making these costumes for her and Genji for Halloween okay. So when the 31st comes she runs around the base showing Genji off because she thinks he looks cool and then Jesse takes their picture so she can cherish it forever. but Genji is all embarrassed because he thinks Angela went overboard.


Part 3 to my Mark Pellegrino x Reader series! Part 1 Part 2

Author: @totallysupernaturaloneshots

Word Count: 2,844

Characters: Mark Pellegrino x reader, minor characters

Pairing: Mark Pellegrino x Reader

Warnings: fluff, nothing else I believe

Your name: submit What is this?

Summary: Reader finally awakes from her coma after three months and Mark takes her on a date as promised.

(I couldn’t find a better gif lol)

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She caught me sometimes, staring at her or looking at her and just smiling. I didn’t mean to honestly. It was, in the most innocent way, admiring. I wanted her to see how beautiful she was to me. Not posing. Not even paying attention. Just her being herself was all that mattered. I wanted to take a picture and cherish it forever but couldn’t in fear of taking my eyes off of her.
—  @ixnpitt

Baba was convinced you made him drink a love potion. How else was he so captivated by your every movement? It wasn’t the first time he saw you in the wedding gown. He was there when you tried on the multitude of dresses, looking like the princess you were. The dresses were sexy, perhaps too sexy. All eyes were on you right now, including his. He had to remember to breathe. You weren’t the only one who thought he was handsome and forgot to breathe. While there had been many moments he was glad he was the one who stole your heart, none could compare to the moment you stood beside him, giving him your brightest smile yet.

A family. He was finally going to have a family with you. Sure, Boss, Sor, Ota and Mamo, they were his family of sorts. Baba knew well enough that family didn’t mean you had to be related by blood. But, as you looked at him in adoration, blushing when he winked at you, he couldn’t wait to continue on the next chapter of his life with you. You saw past his facade, loved him for who he was, with all his faults. He took your hand, pressing a kiss to your finger, where he’d just slipped the ring on. When his best man, Ota, made a quip that he was supposed to kiss the bride on the lips, you giggled. Baba hushed him, leaning in close and pressing a gentle kiss on your beautiful lips.

I stole what I wanted the most, with my own two hands. But the truth is, I was the one who had his heart stolen. From the moment our paths crossed, you’ve surprised me, distracted me, captivated me and challenged me like no one else ever has. All that I am and all that I have, I offer to you. Your love makes me feel like the happiest and luckiest man in this universe. I’m no photographer, but I can picture us together. Forever. I vow to always cherish you as we walk down the path of our tomorrows, side by side, hand in hand and heart to heart. I love you. 


Kana-kun’s honest feelings about all Royz members:


Thanks to him, I’m able to express my thoughts and feelings straight and forward, him and his gentle and caring personality. Whenever Codomo Dragon was really worn out after live, he was encouraging Kana-kun every day, every morning. He’s a nice guy. Thank you for celebrating my birthday, I’ll cherish those purikura pictures forever. 


At first, I definitely thought it will take a lot of time to become his friend, and when I think back, it wasn’t like that AT ALL. Thanks to Kuinacchi I’ve become so spontaneous, I had no idea, there was such a side of personality inside me! Thank you very much! I really appreciate it! We should go on a dinner again! And talk about everything!!


As he smiles everyday, it makes me always think how cute he is. But actually, he’s hell of hot-blooded and passionate guy. He always discuss stuff with PA (staff takes care of electronic music is and light effects) right after performance or rehearsal, and always play guitar before pre-production. To see such a passion for guitars, I just love it so much. Just must say, how lucky these guys are to have a mate with that kind of attitude. Thank you for always smiling and looking so cheerful! Kazuki-kun’s smile saved me for tons of time. I am grateful!


With Koudai-kun the same story, I hadn’t thought we’d  get along well at first. Even though we’ve spent plenty of time, there are still too many things we don’t know about each other. But!! I clearly WANT to become his friend. So I invited him out, to get closer, to know more about him, what is precious to him, and why he cherishes his band so much. And when I heard all of his feelings I completely fall in love with him. I am SO glad I met you, Koudai-kun! I want to spend more time with you!


Before we officially met all of Royz-san members, Tomoyan and Koudai-kun payed as a visit at one of our lives. I exchanged email address with him right away. He was the very first member I became close with! It was my first time hanging around naked in dressing room ever, I wouldn’t have done it without this guy (笑). I think, both of us were MOODMAKERS of the tour. He’s attentive to you, and very interesting guy. He’s the type of guy, you can get out of your head easily. Let’s get even better friends from now on. And let’s go to bath again!

~ Kana 2014-04-13 23:54:03

(I couldn’t find any picture Kana with Koudai.)

@raven_alanes: My agent just let me know I booked my 8th commercial in 11 months so I’m celebrating by posting this pic of the most exciting job out of the bunch🌟The whole day was like a dream, and when I got to set I didn’t even know I was going to be working with Taylor. Her parents were on location and even offered my mom a seat right next them so she could see all the action. When we wrapped, SHE asked to meet me and I almost died. She is as gorgeous and kind as you would expect and she told me that she was homeschooled too! I won’t say what company the commercial was for but it’s a really cool one and it’s airing somewhere yet I’ve never seen it 🤔Ms. Swift if you ever see this, meeting you was so special and i’ll cherish this picture forever💋 #homeschoolchicksrock #taylorswift #dreamscometrue #commercial #superstar #kidsthatdance #msafam #msakats #lovemylife #thatssoraven