cheriroohi  asked:

Your giver review seemed very unbiased, I really appreciate that. It was my favorite book growing up, so it's sad to hear that the film was less than decent. But I can totally see what you mean, at lot of what u mentioned was in the trailer even. I'm so gutted they wasted this film. But I'm sure in 15-20 years there will be an amazing remake.

I hope so!  I’m also really sad that this one was less than amazing, because the book was so great and Jeff Bridges was so passionate about adapting it faithfully.

It’s really a shame, because if The Weinstein Company didn’t push so hard for it to become a YA juggernaut, it could have performed quite respectably as a quiet, beautiful, slightly eerie film apart from any predetermined trend.  It didn’t need teenagers to draw an audience—it has that already, in the 20+ years of students who read the book in school (and, from what I’ve heard, enjoyed it more than most assigned books).  Apparently, the executives at TWC are just too old to understand how much of an impact The Giver has made on elementary school kids across the U.S.