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xox-men (2015)

genre: romantic comedy

starring: james mcavoy, michael fassbender, ian mckellen & patrick stewart

charles xavier and erik lehnsherr met a long time ago. it began as a fling, grew into friendship and ended abruptly. after many years of separation they meet again.
life has not been kind to charles and he has a hard time coping with the fact that erik has kept something from him for all these years. as these two reminisce about their past, they find themselves revealing old secrets and rediscover feelings they thought were long gone.


Pablo Neruda wrote: “may your silhouette never dissolve on the beach, may your eyelids never flutter into the empty distance. Don’t leave me for a second, my dearest, because in that moment you’ll have gone so far I’ll wander mazily over all the earth, asking, will you come back? Will you leave me here, dying?”

The future: a dark, desolate world. A world of war, suffering, loss on both sides. Mutants, and the humans who dared to help them, fighting an enemy we cannot defeat. Are we destined down this path, destined to destroy ourselves like so many species before us? Or can we evolve fast enough to change ourselves… change our fate? Is the future truly set? - Charles Xavier

I’ve seen how much he needs you, how much you need him. You’re like two sides of the same coin.

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« Listen, Erik. Since the first moment my mind touched yours, I knew there was something special inside of you. I don’t usually dive into the sea to save strangers. Now, I hope I am not being reckless with the words I am about to say: I just think you are worthy of any good word and admiration. I felt your pain, your sorrow, and I would be insincere if I told you that this didn’t have a role in my initial affection; that alone, though, couldn’t explain the way I feel, right now, about you. But even then, how can you explain a storm without seeing it? How can you explain a fire if it hasn’t burnt you? You cannot, my friend. Erik, I love you. I’ve fallen for you, so deeply that I can’t get out of it. I am sorry if this sentence is so repeatedly used that it doesn’t hold anymore the immense feeling it should transmit. But it is what it is – I love you. » (x)


What sets ‘X-Men’ apart for me is that it is fun, it is a glib, flippant and throwaway popcorn movie sometimes, but the relationships are so strong it creates this emotional space in which big things are felt. (x)