Has anyone done a soulmate au where the things your soulmate loves shows up on your skin? Just think.

Your brother has an ice skate, a small orange cat, and the sunset.

Your best friend has a guitar, a mug of coffee, an older couple who’s probably their soulmates parents, and chocolate.

You have the complete cast of multiple shows you don’t even know the name to and the tumblr logo.

But when two soulmates fall in love, they get a picture of themselves showing up, cause now they’re added to the list of things their soulmate loves.

I just really like this idea.

sometimes i hate the star wars fandom like wtf are these ship names???? rebelcaptain?? stormpilot?? jedistorm?? spiritassassin??

 i’m sorry i hate it why are we naming ships based on profession like no one calls victuuri “skatercoach” or spirk “captaincommander” or cherik “politicalextremistprofessor” like… why…..