Cherik au inspired by art / Nocturne: Blue and Gold (Old Battersea Bridge) by James Abbott McNeill Whistler

Between fight or flight Erik will choose the former. It’s a strength and a flaw. A chip on his shoulder and a bruise on his knuckles. Yet — when confronted by Charles, at 6am during a run, Erik wavers between the two options.

They haven’t seen one another in weeks but Charles is a vision of the morning he left. Clothes wrinkled, hair in disarray, beautiful. Erik could be by his side in a few steps. Charles might explain why he never called while Erik would brush the sea mist from his cheek. Charles will —

Erik drinks in the sight on him, a mirage in the morning fog, then turns in the opposite direction and runs.

writing by the amazing ramsmsc​ / reupload since i deleted my blog and have to restart :-(

  • <p><b>Charles:</b> Wow, the stars are really beautiful.<p/><b>Moira:</b> Yeah they are.<p/><b>Charles:</b> You know what else is beautiful?<p/><b>Moira:</b> (blushes) What?<p/><b>Charles:</b> Erik.<p/></p>
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Rating: Explicit (eventually)
Summary: Erik is a struggling single dad of three kids with a burning hatred for Sebastian Shaw, the man who wronged him years ago. He’s tried to move on with his life, but a run-in with Shaw’s rude, spoiled omega, Charles, drags up old anger.

When Charles ends up in the hospital after an accident, Erik goes to confront him only to find that Charles has amnesia. In the confusion, Charles mistakenly assumes that Erik is his mate.

Erik knows he should clear up the misunderstanding, but how can he pass up this perfect chance for a little revenge?

(An Overboard AU)


Chapter 2: In which Charles tries to fit into his new life… and finds it rather difficult.

anonymous asked:

I would like to ask for help on fic finding. I read the thing a long time ago, it went something like this: Charles is some kind of envoy with very important documents and he ends up in Erik's dark castle. Erik is generally weird and unpleasant. I think there are some ghosts too, some old house upon the hill that is important to Erik. There is also a painting in the palace, I think it was The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli, that fascinates Charles. Erik is some kind of beast/demon?

Anon, I’m not sure about a painting and the ghosts, but the closest rec I can come up with is Bloody Feet on Hallowed Ground by WingedWolf121.

It was prophesied 300 years ago that Erik Lehnsherr would be killed by an Englishman. So upon receiving a letter from an eager young Professor of Oxford, who wishes to visit Erik’s estate for research purposes, the only logical course of action is to invite him there as a guest.


XMFC Modern AU pt 6

(PS: A special shout out to endingthemes​ for writing this amazing fic inspired by these silly things <333)