cheriam is fake

Stunt Fatigue

I’m looking over my page and realizing it’s been ages since I posted ANYTHING. I think the Chernobyl stunt has been too much for me, and while I’ve been lurking and staying updated on my OT5, my Liam heart just hasn’t had the strength to create content throughout all this mess. And the fact that there are fans out there that will dissect the remotest wink from Harry to anyone that’s not Louis, but will just accept this disgusting bs narrative surrounding Liam drives me crazy.

 It’s so obvious none of them are “out free.” Even the ones with new management, or new record labels. Watching so-called Ziams slam Liam for these tiny pinches of shade thrown at Zayn is even more upsetting, because you guys should know who Liam is, and that everything we see from him right now is directed and approved by their demented overlords. So the next time you’re thinking about boycotting Liam, or Harry, or Niall (is there a jealous fuck out there that would boycott Niall? What is wrong with you? I don’t like slow hands either but the boy is sunshine incarnate), take a walk to the interwebs and google up modest management’s website. The second picture you see (after poor Nialler) is One Direction.

Still repped by modest. Still signed to Syco. And remember that this is only “hiatus” which means whatever they want it to mean. Which is probably this:

 One Direction will not be releasing any music or touring while Sony tries to push Harry Styles down your throats. In the meantime, expect the same stunt foolery you’ve come to expect from modest! management, as they’ve signed their souls over to us in blood. 

Since Louis already gave you “I knocked up a thottie at the club, but immediately started dating an actress because, hetero,“ our next trick will be Liam falls prey to the whole “sexy teacher wants a baby” storyline, because nothing sells hetero like an icky pedophilia-laced desperate woman scenario. It will be perfect to sell Liam’s new brand of teen pop. Meanwhile, Harry will write an album full of tired sexist tropes while promoting feminism, and wear a plethora of rainbows while reminding us all about him and Taylor Swift. Oh, and Niall’s gonna have brown hair now. It’s more manly.

So this is why I haven’t been posting. It’s all so gross. But at the same time, I love these boys so freaking much. I can’t quit them. And while I hate these disgusting narratives they are being forced to play out, I don’t believe them. And if I tuned out completely I would miss things like this:

Payne chain promo or not, I heart this with my entire soul. So eff you Simon & Co. you’re not going to ruin 1d for me.

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Isn’t it just delicious that the tinhats are hanging on Dan Wootton’s every word and are actively cheering for him to be right and… in his public meltdown upon viewing Liam and Cheryl smiling at each other lovingly, he mirrors the tinhats’ own reactions?? 

The Sun and Tinhats, united as one in their filth and speculation. 

Ziam was real at some point

While I mostly ship larry , I recently watched Ziam proofs, and I have to say, they’re convincing AF. All the evidence and proof is there to suggest ziam was at least together AT SOME POINT. I don’t know if they’re still together now considering all that went down with zayn in the band but anyways…

THIS is the most convincing Ziam Proof I’ve uncovered:

While it is a “reaction” video, the original video was deleted … hmm 🧐

But anyways, as you can see , liam got so pissed and would put a bitch face almost every time they would bring up Zayn’s “engagement” , at one point they were at a red carpet and zayn put his arm around Liam’s waist/ shoulders after he addressed the engagement question.

Now… tell me WHY someone who’s your “best friend” would exert such negative facial expressions and body language whenever you’re asked about your engagement… that doesn’t make sense.

This part is where I became a full believer, I DONT CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS.

Louis was asked to describe Liam and while louis is describing him, zayn is smiling to himself and whispers “brave”. It’s not even one of those videos where they could be saying something else , NO YOU CAN HEAR HE SAID “BRAVE” to describe Liam.

This moment is near the end of the video linked above.

Zayn says this with such love and emotion. You can tell he’s fonding….

Furthermore if that’s not proof enough, the lyrics for Zayn’s LEAKED song “I don’t mind” is this:

This lyrics to this song clearly describe a relationship that is hidden and that they can be themselves when no one is “watching” ….

This song was never released on the official Zayn Solo Album , it was leaked by his producer and originally the song was meant for a one direction album but didn’t make the cut… I wonder why (management)

Anyways, while I really don’t know if zigi and cheriam is fake or not, what I DO KNOW is that zayn and Liam were in love at some point in the past.

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Toni, do you think that picture of Liam and Cheryl "kissing" is photoshopped? Because you've got pictures from that angle of them just looking at each other, and I'm pretty sure if there were legit kissing pictures, wouldn't they be all over the place by now? That's like the ultimate thing to make people believe that stunt right? Seems fishy to me....your thoughts? Hope you're well. Take care xx

Hiya anon,

I’m okay. Hope you are too.

This one?  +

What is there to photoshop?  Its a ‘kiss’ from the one direction members playbook.

In the first pic she looks like she’s been told she’s getting every single tooth in her mouth pulled out by someone slamming a door and a piece of string round each tooth.

So I think rather than it being photoshopped - I think its legit and its the best they could get either of them to do and I’m not even sure Liam’s eyes are shut.

And its so like that pic from last week with Danielle and Louis apparently ‘kissing’ but it didn’t actually look like they were kissing, you couldn’t tell.

Plus of course the Harry pics with Kendall on the boat.  They’re practised at this.

Not to mention the Liam and Sofa ‘kiss’ on the french boat in 2014 and ILYSM picked it apart in this video, I’ve saved it at the point it starts but honestly as always if you haven’t watched it before, watch it all.

All I’ll say is that given how they flaunt their love and how loved up they are alleged to be and given what we’ve seen already, if they were really THAT loved up, how is it so impossible for them to do a kiss in public?  A genuine proper little kiss in public?  Instead this is what we get on video +

They’re very practised at giving the illusion of one but without any passion or in this instance, any evidence that they actually did ‘lock lips’.

They’ve been desperate for a kiss from them all along,  and yet Cheryl either swerves it or they say Liam was rejected for a peck on the check while I maintain it was liam saying something to her but no of course ‘puppy dog Liam’ got ‘rejected’. +

Same for Zigi with this away from photoshoots and the PT video, and those weird little polaroid camera efforts and they even had to peg that awkward looking thing of her getting into the car and called that a smooch for some reason.  +

They do the minimum, all of them. Always have, always will. All of them. 

Anyway, here’s a real kiss.   

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twitter. com/MiguelPayne_/status/706233006755880961 its true?

Hiya anon,

This is the tweet +

Well it would hardly be a surprise if it was.    That and her ridiculous L’oreal reference. 

Lets not forget though that this guy is one of the LSC and has been pictured with Liam numerous times.   And a quick scroll through his tweets suggests that he thinks Liam thinks he’s fortunate to be with Cheryl and that Sofa is and I quote ‘a brave stand up woman’.