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Can I ask for Nina and Cheren or is that too close to Checkmate

I can do ChereNina! I think that’s their shipping name or I’m drunk…

Nina and Cheren have a deep connection as friends. Cheren feels greatly uncomfortable telling Bianca about is personal issues, which results in him going to Nina for advice or comfort. Although Nina is close to Bianca, she thinks Cheren is more mature and always says the right thing.

Cheren’s parents are two people who certainly see Nina and Cheren’s connection and are ChereNina shippers - going as far as throwing money at their son to make him go purchase a gift for Nina on her birthday and holidays.

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I don't mean to offend you, but as a reader of your comic, I feel that you are supporting the 'ChereNina' couple more than other couples related to Nina. It's not that I dislike the comic because of this reason, but it always seemed to me as if you are. Could you please tell me why? ( please correct me if I'm wrong )

I feel like it might seem that way because I have had more time to show Cheren being a good supportive friend to Nina more than the other characters (Bianca has some moments but did not have much screentime yet). I don’t really tend to have anyone human characters become an item. N on the other hand is more of a stranger so while their relationship is more rocky/dynamic, it isn’t quite “friendly.”

Some N fans have also pointed this out but honestly at the end…I go by the plot, not by a ship. If it happens to swing more to one ship, it is mostly incidental. The fans of my comic tend to blow things out of proportion and I don’t really actively disourage them either.

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Do you have a favourite pairing/ship, or would you prefer to stay neutral as to not give away any potential romance in Myths of Unova? WILL there be any romance in Myths? :x PS - I love your Nuzlocke and your art style and your storytelling and gah you're awesome!

I’m assuming you are talking about the human ships here because I made it plenty clear what I ship within the Pokemon teams.

FYI, I do enjoy both Checkmateshipping (Hilda/Cheren)  and Ferriswheelshipping (Hilda/N)…and same with the Hilbert counterpart ships. There are aspects of these ships I enjoy and hate…and going in between is always fun (I believe it is called Grandmastershipping if you do the threesome Cheren/Hilda/N thing).

But just because I enjoy the ships does not mean I cannot poke fun at them. I feel like some of the initial N and Nina stuff was to maybe turn some Ferriswheelshippers’ heads because I kinda got tired of seeing the “cool, collected" N with “smitten" Hilda scenario that seemed to saturate the fandom at that time. Despite looking similar, Nina and Hilda are different characters to me so the interactions Nina has with N and Cheren might just be inherently different.

 As for Checkmate, there was so little to begin with that I just kinda did my own thing (i.e. make Cheren be a decent guy???? Like woah???). I’ll admit he’s kinda a broken record (B/W’s “HOW BOTHERSOME" bot) ingame but he and Bianca are supposed to be BEST FRIENDS. I tried to show that aspect whenever I could…but of course some of these things can be interpreted as crushing on the MC.

IMO given the proclivities of my readers to find shipping in everything you can say there is already romance in the comic. On the other hand it can all just be sexual frustration. Story-wise I don’t plan to make this a romance comic so the little dregs of it I do draw (???), I hope you enjoy.