cheren (pokemon)

what it is like being in the pokemon fandom:

if 👏🏽there 👏🏽is 👏🏽not 👏🏽at 👏🏽least 👏🏽one 👏🏽guy 👏🏽from 👏🏽each 👏🏽generation 👏🏽you 👏🏽wanna 👏🏽fuck 👏🏽you 👏🏽are 👏🏽doing👏🏽 it 👏🏽wrong 👏🏽bitch👏🏽


レイトン教授風ポケモンBW。 By ぱす子 on Pixiv

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  • N: Do you know what happens to nitrogen when the sun rises?
  • Touya: idk??
  • N: it becomes daytrogen.
  • Touya:
  • Touya: I'm going to bed.
  • Bianca: good nitrogen
  • Cheren: sleep tightrogen
  • Touko: don't let the bed bugs biterogen
  • Hilda: From now on, we will be using codenames! You can address me as "Eagle One".
  • Hilda: Hilbert, codename - "Been There, Done That".
  • Hilda: N is "Currently Doing That". *high-fives N*
  • Hilda: Cheren is, "It Happened Once In A Dream".
  • Hilda: Bianca, codename - "If I Had to Pick A Chick".
  • Hilda: Professor Juniper is... "Eagle Two".
  • Prof. Juniper: Oh, thank god.

Remember the time when a Teenager leaves his mother, his childhood friends and everyone that he know and love for search a Ass-20 years old man child?