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you do realise that if taylor went to any of the marches there would have been a stampede right? she has police cars on stand in la when shes there plus her own security cos her presence causes so much chaos. what makes you think shed be able to go to something like this? this isnt meant to be an angry message im just curious as to why you think she could attend something like this without jeopardising herself?

so you’re telling me people like fucking Cher and Madonna and whoopi and all these other equally famous women can go without any issues and walk among their fellow women but Taylor Swift can’t? Because everyone thinks everything’s constantly about Taylor but you didn’t see anyone chasing down Cher and shit? Y'all using Taylor Swift as a “major celebrity who can’t go anywhere” is getting so old. Taylor CAN go places and events like this she just DOESN’T. If Taylor came out in public for once and rallied for everything she’s been running her mouth in interviews about since 2014, she could do these things people WILL adjust and it’s also sad that none of you think that her walking or even ATTENDING would’ve made a huge difference. It’s even more sad that you think that something so vast and so empowering among women every age, size and gender all over the country and the world who came together and fought and protest, that suddenly all that attention would change because Taylor showed up? I think the fuck not. Because it didn’t happen to any other major celeb that was there. Yesterday wasn’t about the status of anyone’s fame or who came to support each other. It was about fucking powerful, badass women across this beautiful world to fight for our rights and Taylor Swift can only fight for hers when Apple Music doesn’t want to pay their already million dollar net worth artist for three free months of streaming. Pathetic. As if Taylor doesn’t make 5 cents per second for simply fucking breathing. This is getting ridiculous with y'all. Unbelievable. You will all stan her right till the very end, huh? And god forbid any of her other fans be upset with her for talking up her feminist game from here to satans ass and back, but not do shit about it. A tweet isn’t the answer to a real, crucial issue. So there’s your answer, YES. I do think Taylor could’ve gone and you’re not going to change my mind at all. I’m not a child nor an idiot, I’ve been a Taylor Swift fan since 2006, I’ve been on board with all of her other dumb shit and antics and I refuse to not call out an artist when they’re being ridiculous.

Just so fucking sad to me that you actually think an empowering event, movement, would all be taken away because Taylor Swift showed up. So sad, tragic tbh.

  • Feliciano: Fratello, who do you like better
  • Feliciano: Gilbert or Ludwig?
  • Lovino: ...that's like asking which activity do i enjoy most,
  • Lovino: having a huge migraine or puke fest??

you don’t think what we mesh well? it’s like why am i even listening to you? you’re a virgin who can’t drive. that was way harsh, dany.


yesterday my friends and i trekked through some mud and dirt to find this place but honestly i felt like i was on another planet

Tsukiyama Shuu is such a flawless, ethereal being. Seriously how does one person look so damn beautiful? His eyelashes are always perfect and his hair looks like it’s made of silk and his lips look so defined and nice. I swear he probably just rolls out of bed and already looks like a sculptured work of art.