“I took this semester off from university in order to do what I wanted to do, but I just felt at a loss having free time. To motivate myself, I registered in a morning English class, read books in Jongro or Myeongdong, and just sat by Cheonggyechun, thinking about this and that a lot.”
“What did you realize in doing so?”
“I found that I just kept seeking opportunities. I didn’t challenge myself to do something. I just wanted to have my own specialty. I realized that’s what made me keep feeling at a loss.”

 “하고 싶은 걸 마음대로 하려고 휴학을 했지만, 오히려 휴학 이후에 기분이 막막하기만 했어요. 뭐라도 해보려고 아침에 영어학원도 다니고, 종로나 명동에서 책 읽고 돌아다니다가 청계천에 그냥 앉아 이것저것 많은 생각을 했었죠.”

“그러면서 어떤 걸 깨달으셨나요?”
“전 계속 기회를 쫓아다녔던 것 같아요. 근데 특별히 도전하지도 않으면서도, 뭔가는 확실히 해두고 싶었어요. 그래서 계속 막막했던 거였어요.”