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Fluffy JungKook? Anything you want, but make it fluffy please :3

    ”Here you go,” Jungkook handed you a cup. “Be careful; it’s a little hot.”


    You took the red mug gratefully, cold fingers curling around it. Despite blowing on the hot chocolate before taking a tentative sip, you still managed burned your tongue. “Ah,” you grimaced, placing the mug on the coffee table. “I’ll just let this cool for a bit.”


    ”Make sure it doesn’t cool down too much,” Jungkook said, sitting down next to you on the couch. He placed a hand on your forehead. “You’re feeling warm. Are you sure you’re okay?”


    You swatted his hand away, reassuring, “I’m fine. You should’ve went with the rest of the members to the amusement park. You’ve been wanting to go for a while now.”


    ”I’d rather spend the day with you than running around with my hyungs. Besides, this is the only day I’m free until we’re finished with promotions,” he hesitated before patting his leg. You gave a small smile, crawling onto his lap and curling up against his chest as he buried his face in your hair. “I missed you so much, jagiya.”


    ”Jungkook, you saw me last week.”


    “I Skyped you last week,” he corrected, voice muffled. “I haven’t actually been with you since last month.”


    He pressed kisses to your temple, causing you to sigh and frown. Jungkook pulled back, concern on his face. “It’s nothing,” you were quick to say. “I just…felt really lonely lately. Don’t worry about it though! Just focus on your comeback.”


    “_____-ah,” he murmured, arms tightening around your waist. Suddenly, he was sliding you back onto the couch and running off into his room. Your brows furrowed in confusion when he yelled back, “Choose a movie you want to watch; I’ll get blankets.”


    ”A movie I want to watch?” you mumbled to yourself. Werewolf Boy immediately popped into your mind. That movie was one of your favorites and, to be honest, you were in the mood for the romantic heart wrencher. You inserted the disk and pressed pause as you waited for him. “Jungkook, I want to watch Werewolf Boy.”


    “The one that made you and Jae-Ji cry for hours?” he asked as he entered the room. At your nod, he picked up a box of tissues, a water bottle, and a few snacks as he passed by the kitchen. When Jungkook settled back down, he tossed the blankets over the both of you, drawing you close. “Okay, you can play it now.”


    And so you spent the next two hours in Jungkook’s arms, head against his shoulder, sobbing and trying to eat your feelings away. Jungkook let the clip of Cheol-su (Song Joong Ki) making a snowman play through, watching it be replaced by traditional credits on a black screen. When the credits finished scrolling, he wiped away the tear tracks on his face. He tried to get up to put away the remains of the food, but you wouldn’t budge.


    “_____,” he said softly, poking your cheek. You still didn’t move and he tilted his head to see your face. “Are you sleeping, _____?”


    That explains why she was so quiet at the end, Jungkook thought, thumb brushing away the last of your tears. He turned the TV off and laid down, moving so that you were safely snuggled between him and the back of the couch. He carefully tucked the blankets around you and wrapped his arms around your waist, grinning to himself when you automatically relaxed into his chest. Yawning, he let his eyes slide closed.


    A few hours later, the rest of BTS loudly announced their return, still excited by a day well spent.


    “Jungkookie, we got you a present!” V hopped into the kitchen with a teddy bear in one hand, expecting to find the maknae eating. “…Jungkook?”


    “He’s in here, Taehyung,” Jin called, “and keep it down.”


    V followed the sound of Jin’s voice and found the rest of the boys in the living room. He peered over their shoulders and saw you and Jungkook cuddling. “I’ll just leave this here for you,” V stage-whispered, placing the bear at the foot of the couch. He glanced at the coffee table, eyes lighting up. “Ooo, hot chocolate!” V took a sip from the mug and made a face.


    “What’s wrong?”


    “It’s cold.”

Alrighty ^^ Here’s another scenario finished. Feel free in send in requests! As for anyone who hasn’t watched Werewolf Boy, watch it. It’s so sad and I love it. It’s on Netflix, too~

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