cheol soo


This is literally me whenever I have a crush, I’ll like tell myself that it’s not even a thing but subconsciously I know that it is a crush but I’m never going to do anything about it and nothing’s ever going to happen so I just keep playing it off like it doesn’t exist…

South Korea’s Snap Presidential Election Time!

We’re officially in prime campaigning time for the May 9 special presidential election triggered by the historic removal of President Park Geun-hye. One thing I really enjoy about Korean elections is how colorful they are: The candidates have singing trucks that drive around blasting k-pop tunes with lyrics changed to match their messages, and dance troops that set up at places around town performing in the name of various candidates. (It’s all great for radio stories…)

The other thing that’s noticeable is the candidates draw their ballot numbers and then campaign based on those numbers — the number becomes almost as important than the candidate names. (See those campaign banners? They all have the candidate ballot numbers prominently displayed.) When rallying for support, they often say “VOTE FOR NUMBER SIX!” instead of “Vote Moon! or Vote Ahn!, etc” 

A Werewolf Boy

Two words for this movie. EPIC SAD! I can’t believe I’m ugly sobbing right now because of that movie. It’s been so long since I last cried because of a movie. Both lead actor and actress asdfghjkl so damn awesome! Song Joongki is great. Not many actor can act without any lines. Joongki is just nail it with his growl only! I started to cry when he said his first word to Park Bo Young, “Don’t go”. I even cried harder when he said she is still same and beautiful after many years has passed and he missed her a lot /ugly sobbing/. I totally respect to Park Bo Young too! She totally can express every emotion very well. She still protect Cheol Soo even though he is a monster and Cheol Soo so cute! He listens to Suni very well. Gosh I love this movie. You will have no regret watch this movie.

I’m okay. (I’m not okay)
I don‘t want to see you. (I really want to see you)
I have to say these lies that,
Don’t even come from my heart.
—  Don’t Wanna Cry by Seventeen

what she says: i’m fine

what she really means: bogoshipda Kim Yong-guk Kwon Hyun-bin Lee Eui-woong Takada Kenta Noh Tae-hyun Kim Sang-gyun Jang Moon-bokKim Dong-hyun Kim Dong-han Kim Tae-dong Seo Sung-hyuk Kim Ye-hyun Lee Geon-hee Lee Woo-jin Park Woo-dam Jeong Dong-soo Park Sung-woo Hong Eun-ki Yoo Hoe-seung Woo Jin-young Joo Jin-woo Yeo Hwan-woong Justin Lee Gwang-hyun Byun Hyun-min Yoon Hee-seok Kim Seong-ri Kim Sang-bin Kim Tae-woo Lee Jun-woo Zhu Zheng-ting Kim Nam-hyung Lee Ki-won Lee Yoo-jin Yoon Jae-chan Kim Yong-jin Lee In-soo Kim Dong-bin Kim Tae-min Seong Hyun-woo Joo Won-tak Choi Dong-ha Jeong Joong-ji Kwon Hyeop Im Woo-hyukJeong Hyo-jun Son Dong-myeong Lee Seo-kyu Kim Hyeon-woo Choi Tae-woong Cho Jin-hyung Yoon Yong-bin Han Min-ho Yoo Jin-won Kim Yeon-kook Jeong Si-hyun Kim Chan-yul Choi Seung-hyuk Lee Hoo-lim Kim Jae-hanKim ChanJang Dae-hyun Yoo Kyoung-mok Choi Ha-don Park Hee-seok Ryu Ho-yeon  Cho Gyu-min Wang Min-hyuk Choi Jun-young Jo Sung-wook Kim Do-hyun Jo Yong-geun Lee Gun-min Jeong Won-cheol Choi Hee-soo Choi Jae-wooLee Ji-han Nam Yoon-sung Kim Shi-hyun

oh yeah but ha minho and han jongyeon can choke


Solomon’s Perjury // Episode 3 & 4

“i plan to stop acting so innocent. i won’t pretend to not know anything or i’ve got nothing to do with all this, or hide. we just sat here quietly, listening to the adults. we were hoping that they’d help and resolve all this. we just waited for them to do something. but look what happened! i think we have a right to know now. if no one is going to tell us, we need to find out ourselves. we need to find out what happened and how! so, let’s find out ourselves, the reason lee sowoo died.”