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Galinda’s bed didn’t come out for Popular. Kristin sat on the floor where her bed should have been, and started singing “I want my bed, I want my bed!” with the “My Fair Lady” melody. The scene didn’t continue until Idina asked her if she wanted to share her bed, to which point she (delightfully) agreed and continued with the scene.

Idina could barely get it together through the entire scene. :)

I like Idina so much that it’s hard for me to be mean to her, I have to put my feelings aside. But when the curtains come down after she’s flown at the first act, and she’s stuck up in the air waiting to come down, she’s all alone. So I always wait for her and touch her just so she know we’re in this together.
—  - Kristin Chenoweth, 2003 Original Playbill.   

The most emotional curtain call in Wicked history- Kristin Chenoweth, Norbert Leo Butz, and Joel Grey’s last show. (x)

“It’s an extremely special and extremely sad evening for me; I’m losing my father, my lover and my best friend…

…there will never be another Kristin Chenoweth.”