chenille chicks


The dubious chenille chicks arrived wadded up into a tightly compacted cube stuffed into a tiny box. Twisted wires, matted fur falling out, paper eyes (not plastic beads!) missing from a few chicks… at a glance it was clear to me these chicks were completely unusable as anything close to resembling their intended purpose.

Upon closer inspection, did my eyes deceive me? No, it was true! The photo on the website and product description clearly depicted a completely different model of chick!

After pouring my heart and soul into a negative review of the chicks for the craft supply website, I clicked on the submit button.

Error: Server not found

I laughed in spite of myself. I should have known better. Why would I expect anything else?

Oh, it’s true. There was a time that I had faith in humanity… but that was before I crossed paths with Century Novelty dot com.