She wanted to walk down the street to Flowers on Chestnut and buy a fresh bouquet, she wanted a selection of herbal teas, she wanted colorful throw pillows and a soft chenille blanket, she wanted beeswax taper candles that she would light when the sun started to go down, she wanted a wireless speaker so she could listen to Mozart and Brahms"
—  Elin Hilderbrand

“Je travaille dans un centre d'appel en attendant d'aller étudier en comportement animal l'année prochaine. Les chiens c'est toute ma vie, j'aimerais ouvrir un chenil pour accueillir ceux qui sont abandonnés.”

“I work in a call center until I start studying animal behaviour next year. Dogs are my whole life, I’d like to open a kennel to take in those who are abandoned.”

WIP: Wig in progress

I’m going to post this simply because some of the ‘in progress’ photos look so darn funny (to me anyway).

How do you get from this:

to this:

in roughly 24 hours?

With this and like this…

After smothering Clint’s head in cling film, his body in more cling film, and putting stretchy fabric on top, secured in place on his head with an elastic band, a liberal coating of copydex glue (if you’re not familiar with it it’s a latex and water mix) was applied and left to dry overnight.

When dry the latex is a neutral/beige colour which blended in well with the tights I’d used.  Now I needed to remove the excess stretch fabric and this is when I found that the latex and the elastic band had become one and the band had to be cut away too.  Not a problem but I should have been more careful.

Next came the fun part, glueing chenille yarn all around the edges as neatly as possible.

Until Clint looked like this - I call this look ‘The Bride of Cthulhu’.

(The yarn needed to be long enough to sweep back over the top of his head to make a neat looking top layer and form part of the ponytail.)

After going all the way around his head, the yarn for the back didn’t need to be as long, more glue was applied to his head.

and covered in an underlayer of yarn.  The top was swept back roughly into place so I could seperate a few strands to shape the front edges with at the end.

With the help of a stylish hair clip I could start sticking the ‘hairs’ into place at the back.

until I had stuck them down in a way I was happy with, cutting off any excess.

The top layer was stuck, a lot more neatly, over that and arranged into a ponytail.

When dry I checked that the top layer wasn’t going to move about too much, adding the odd dab of glue where needed.  I added the black ribbon and heat sealed the ends of the yarn, because if I didn’t the chenille would just continue to shed until the ponytail was completely bald.

Like a lot of things, if I’d had more time to spare I could have done a neater job. Some bits of glue peek out here and there at the back but I’m really happy with how this came out since I’ve never done anything like this before.

And if it hadn’t been for the tutorial I probably never would have tried it either.

On the plus side the wig is strokeably soft and very tactile.

The down side is that Clint did not look impressed when everything was taken off the next day:

He didn’t forgive me until his hair had been suitably re-ruffled again.

parfois j’ai l’impression d’être une bête sauvage, inadaptée aux usages sociaux, je crache des phrases qui ressemblent à des chenilles désarticulées et j’imagine que les gens souriront de ma maladresse et me caresseront le haut du crâne mais ce sont des adultes 

Learn how to make crystals with 2 basic household ingredients! When it comes to simple science projects for kids, making crystals with borax and pipe cleaners never fails to impress. I’m not kidding, kids and adults alike find the process pretty fascinating. This is such a cool science experiment that we’ve actually done it three times in the past two weeks! Today, we’re crystallizing our initials, which we’ve made using chenille pipe cleaners.