Written Style

[Spoken Thoughts & Un-mentioned Intentions.]

What use to be filled with love, is merely filled with unused atoms that prolong are existence together. My Yves Saint Laurent sole’s tempted me to run as fast as I could, but my Raf Simons Coat influenced me to stay.

“I wonder if you still love me…”

Our love, did it drift apart before Chanel or after McQueen? The last time our skins collided was when I had mistaken his passport for mine. I’ve longed for his touch, but had no room for the craving. I hid my emotions behind my sunnies and figured wearing the Dior blouse he bought would display sufficient affection.

“Where is the time to love…”          

Her steps went left, while mine continued straight. The flirty, free, enthusiastic colors and patterns in her skirt helped me recollect the fun times we shared. It’s hard to think it was intentional. Nothing fazed her since they swapped Galliano for Gaytten.


Love took the backburner to lessen the stress. As he’s steps lagged, mine progressed.

“I love you… You know–“


“We’ll talk after the show.”