sarutae asked:

11, 24, 27, 28 :>

11: Confession;

11 is my favorite number U v U

lol no um…I cry about once every day.

24. Bestfriends?

Bethany, Hailey, Jeffrey, Alex, Vinu, Missie, Big Bro, Itzel, Sam, Ri, Ethan, my cat


that’s all i can think of off the top of my head

27: What I hate?

Bugs. Annoying people. Being woken up.

28: Who’s annoying?

Clowns, overly dramatic people who never shut up and are rude to everyone

sarutae asked:

once upon a time there was a motherfucking sexy beast named kai and everyone wanted to fuck him but they couldnt because they swore their allegence to their 'bias' and called him a slut and tried not to love him but they couldnt because hes motherfucking kai and eVERYONE WILL LOVE HIM ONE DAY.

sarutae asked:


  • If I’m a fan or not a fan: Yes my precious babbus sob
  • How long I’ve been a fan: Since CNU’s first b-day after debut
  • The first song I heard by them: OK obviously lol
  • My favourite song as of now:Baby Goodnight
  • The first MV I saw: same as song
  • My favourite MV as of now: Beautiful Target was the best ;qqq;
  • Who my bias is: Sandeulllldfgjlkdfgkfjgfd
  • Who my least favourite member is: THERE IS NONE THEY’RE ALL PRECIOUS BABBUS
  • A pairing I dislike: BaChan give me an odd feeling of jealousy for my OTP but I don’t really dislike any lol
  • And lastly, an unpopular opinion: Their lyrics are…questionable…lol, but I’m not sure this is unpopular since it’s pretty obvious how horrible their Engrish is LOL