UNIQ - YG X Yuehua Chinese Boyband Project [UPDATED DAILY]

It has been revealed that YG Entertainment & chinese entertainment giants Yuehua Entertainment (home to former Super Junior Member Hangeng & where EXO’s Kris is planning to sign with) has joined forces to create the next big Chinese boyband “UNIQ” a play on the words UNIQUE. The group has trained secretly in YG for 4 years but will be debuting in China.

It is to be a 5 member boyband with 2 members revealed so far. K-POP Timeout will be providing their individual info and linking the Teaser Videos as we go. 


Wang YiBo

Nationality: Chinese

Role: Main Dancer, Rapper, Visual and Maknae

Miscellaneous: '97 Liner from Loyang, China

[YiBo Teaser Link]

Kim Sungjoo

Nationality: Korean

Role: Main Vocalist

Miscellaneous: '94 Liner, trained for over 1400 days, was a former Team A member, BFFs with WINNER’s Kim Jinwoo & Kang Seungyoon

[Sungjoo Teaser Link]

Cho Seungyeon

Nationality: Korean

Role: Vocalist

Miscellaneous: '96 Liner, Studied/Lived in the Philippines and fluent in Chinese, Korean, Tagalog & Portugese

[Seungyeon Teaser Link]

Li Wenhan

Nationality: Chinese

Role: Vocalist

Miscellaneous: '94 Liner, Studied in the US

[WenHan Teaser Link]

Zhou Yixuan

Nationality: Chinese

Role: Leader, Rapper

Miscellaneous: '90 Liner

[YiXuan Teaser Link]


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anonymous asked:

What was the relation between Cai Mao, Lady Cai, and Yueying?

Cai Feng was a respected man of Nan province, probably from around Xiangyang.

Cai Mao was Cai Feng’s son.

Lady Cai was Cai Feng’s daughter. She became Liu Biao’s second wife. Additionally, Liu Biao’s middle son Liu Zong married her niece (who was either of the Cai or Zhang families).

Cai Feng had at least one more daughter, who married Huang Chengyan. They were the parents of Lady Huang, who married Zhuge Liang.