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Chengi MADE A SHIRT? whaaaaat

HEY, YOU! Do you enjoy apparel with digital illustrations of blue hedgehogs and their upcoming 25th birthday to wear on top of your body? Yes? No? Cut it out? Ask again later? Fair enough.

…But if you DO, you can go ahead and hop on over here and score yourself a sweet shirt with that exact same illustration! Celebrate the blue blur’s 2-and-a-half decades of speed with some style. You can get it before June 23, too! And hey, maybe even wear it to an upcoming event that may or may not have anything to do with this stuff!

And hey, even if you’re not a Sonic fan, why not pass it on and let people who might be fans know they can score some sweet threads.


It’s 2016! A new year means a new commissions post with updated information and stuff! So hey, here’s some stuff you need to know.

  • I now use Google Wallet AND Paypal! This time you’ve got TWO options to pay! Wow!
  • I’m open to drawing just about anything, but understand that I still reserve the right to decline drawing something if I deem it’s necessary. This shouldn’t happen unless I’m really uncomfortable with the inquiry, or if it’s outside of the realms of what I can do.
  • I don’t expect payment until just before the final draft. This should provide you with time to give feedback. I insist you keep me posted on what you want done, and how. Makes it easier for the both of us.
  • Understand that I can only accomplish so much, it all depends on current priorities. It might take me a while to get to you, but I assure you, I’ll get a hold of your inquiry eventually.
  • If you’re at all intimidated by my pricing, guidelines, or anything else; don’t be afraid to say something to me. I will be more than glad to accommodate/make exceptions to make things a little more feasible for the both of us.

So if you’re interested, send me an ask/message here on Tumblr! Or Skype, or Steam, wherever you have me added.