chengdu panda breeding and research center

Breeding Updates are happening alittle later this year! But it is baby panda time! Hoping for a wonderful year full of round baby pandas!

On April 24, the first giant panda twins of the year were born in captivity at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

The two healthy males, weighing 104.9 grams and 110.7 grams, are the first offspring of mother Zhizhi, who gave birth at the Chengdu giant panda breeding research center in southwest China’s Sichuan province.

On March 29, the mother “Zhi Zhi” began to eat a small amount of bamboo shoots and showed signs of labor. Experts at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding say that this is the first litter of Zhi Zhi. When she saw the newborn cub, she was afraid and anxious, not only not wanting to hold the cub, but moved herself to the corner against wall. 

The breeders have tried to give the cub back to the new mother, but she just occasionally glanced at the cub, or ignored the baby panda, or just fell asleep without holding the baby. This has brought great difficulty for the newborn, and since it didn’t get enough milk from the mother, it is hard for the newborn to survive.

After more than 20 days of the best care from the team, the mother is now healthy and producing enough milk for the young. At present, the twins have passed the critical period, as of May 22, the newborn giant pandas weigh in 852g and 844g, respectively.