Awweee, thank you so much, anon! ;;; A;;) Amggg you like RitsuMob too???? ( e ue) welcome to the club–//slapped// Just so you know, I ship them bromancely/platonically– as brothers ofc jeez 

Have my Kageyama brothers’ sketches from a toddler to teenagers from Twitter– ;; 7;;) 


Anon, who can escape from TeruMob?? I saw a lot of arts of TeruMob on Pixiv and I can’t help that there’s cuteness in them–  I can’t say NO to them– //cries Say yes please! Also, I can’t wait to see Teruki in MP100 anime! Ahhh~!

But, there’s jealousy auras everywhere whenever those two are close–lol

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@purely-nocturnal SONIC!! AHHH<333 You’ve made the right choice !!<33333 He’s so much fun to draw too!!<33333 Here, have a bit of flustered sonic since you requested for him e ve) I mean– Who doesn’t love this lovable ninja??!?! I can’t believe I drew him like this–//died of nosebleed//

Fun Request #4 Speed of sound Sonic!~


@empanadadooblez o(≧∇≦o)<333333

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hey, it's the same anon again! if you don't mind. please show us Florbe and Joshua sempai that you draw? :'D thanks!

omg, i don’t want to give any spoilers but– a LITTLE preview only– I swear who u are, this will be the last– //slapped

how to draw Joshua’s hair really-- a preview @cinensis & @florbe-triz

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did you know that your florensis art looks a bit like my fave couple mazume from hirunaka no ryuusei? like Joshua looks like Mamura and Florbe looks like Suzume?

Ehh? Really?? HnR is my fave manga of all! And now that you think about it, you’re right ! :OOO Hold on– //gaspssss// the only differences is Joshua’s eyes is not red and Suzume doesn’t have Florbe’s eyebrows and Flor doesn’t have green eyes(?) I think–

Look, @cinensis , @florbe-triz I’ma tag you guys, cause you gotta see this xD 

Tagged by @sai-pop, @n0nlee, @pushpulld, @singasongofstars, @valnine and @clairedragonblood etc etc You guys really wanna see my handwritings that badly huh??

Here’s my bad handwritings //sobs// it’s been a while since I touched my pen Orz And featuring Deku and Kacchannn!<3333

I tag @fiolans, @agoodluckcharm, @mrpurin, @housewaifutoaster, @empanadadooblez, @feylen, @mwsouyuu, @zeitara, @teasnspicesblog, and @nospherato [Ahhh, only if you wanted to > w<) ]

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I never knew that I needed RitsuMob in my life, but once I saw your drawings I began to ship it hard. I just want Ritsu to try and get some of Mob's attention for affection, or simply try holding hands with him. Please don't stop making cute drawings of the two. You are the best! <3 ; v ; A-Also do you mind if I can use some of your Mob art for icons as well? (Of course credit is going to be given.)

Ahhhhh!! Sorry for replying this so late again! Orz I’m the worst… Amg, dear, I need RitsuMob too //cries// Welcome to my neighbourhood of RitsuMob (ʃᵕ̩̩ ᵕ̩̩⑅) I know, right?! At least Mob ruffles his lil’ bro’s hair! That’ll be so cute!!   _(:3」∠)_ That’ll make my day– I won’t stop, anon! ;;; 7;;) If it means for these two– //slapped// And Anon?? Yes! Please do! ;;; 7;;;) It’s an honour! 

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*examines your latest doodle of yourself and blinks* Cheeeen, did you get a haircut~?

Aahhh~ My hair was too long so I had it cut short, shoulder length! And as a sign for me to move on from the past that I had held it in for too long and from the guy that I used to like & love from those 6 years ago too [Eventho, it’s just a crush, turns out I fell for him for 6 years Orz]~ I decided to cut my hair! hhehehee~