Happy birthday kimjongdae! I love you for your smile that never seems to brighten up my day, your smooth vocals that can drive my fatigue away, your dorkiness that just makes me laugh, your aegyo that makes me cringe badly and of course, your ability to dance, chensing machine! You seem like the person that would still smile through everyday even when you encounter problems and that inspired me a lot. I have never thought that i would ever send a gift to someone i have never really met, someone so far from my reach and that i would probably never ever get to know. You are the first, and i think i would not regret the decision. Hope my gift gets to you safely and live your dream to the fullest. I will always show my support to you, and of course exo and hopefully i will be able to hear your vocals and see your performance in person one day. Lastly, have a meaningful 21st/22nd. <3