Okay but imagine.

Yixing leaves the car and goes to their dorms. He opens the door, changes his shoes, his slippers are waiting for him, not hidden in a shoe cabinet. His bag forgotten in a hall.

He goes to the living room, where members are waiting for him.

Everybody is silent, watching TV. They see him when he sits on the couch in between Baek and Sehun.

Kyungsoo smiles at him, leaving to the kitchen. He made his favourite dish, just needs to reheat it. Chanyeol goes with him, making tea for them.

Chen goes to the hall, gets Yixing’s bag and takes it to his room, so he wouldn’t have to do it.

Suho hears him in his room. He opens the door and asks “Is he there?” Chen smiles and nods.

Baekhyun curls up on the couch, hugging Yixing’s arm closer. Sehun lays his head on his shoulder. Next to him Jongin reaches his neck, massaging Yixing with his hand. He knows how horrible is the ache when you sleep in a plane.

Minseok comes out of bathroom. He sees them and sits down in front of the couch, his back pressed back to Yixing’s legs, head lays on his knees. He looks at him smiling.

He smiles back, his eyes tired, a bit sad, but also sparkling with joy.

Chen comes back with Suho. The leader strokes black hair, leaves his hand, massages his scalp delicately.

“Welcome home” he says quietly.

Zhang Yixing feels calm, relaxed.

Zhang Yixing feels loved.


Jongdae speaking Japanese and giving a smile that could literally replace the sun (´。• ᵕ •。`)

Exo Conversation XXXV
  • Chen: You know what I love about you?
  • Xiumin: *smiles* What?
  • Chen: Oh, I was hoping you would know because I got nothing.
  • Xiumin: Why you little...
EXO Mafia Reaction: When their fiancee rats them out to the police

||| Anon asked: I was wondering if you could do an Exo!mafia reaction to their wife/fiancee ratting them out to the police because she’s scared? |||

A/N: Welp this got kinky real fast  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #sorrynotsorry 

Park Chanyeol

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No more mister nice guy.

“I guess I have to show you what happens to those who dare to betray me…”

Xiumin/Kim Minseok

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You were scared before but this made everything so much worse.

“I will have to teach you some lessons…”

Chen/Kim Jongdae

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He was smiling but you knew what he was planning.

“A little birdie told me you want to be punished…”

D.O/Do Kyungsoo

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He dealt with the police quickly, bribing them again but he had some other things to deal with as well.

“I told you many times over what was going to happen if you disobeyed me.”

Kris/Wu Yifan

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When he found out what you did, he approached you immediately.

“I need to talk to you. In private.”

Tao/Huang Zitao

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You told him that it was an accident, that you were scared.

“It’s okay Jagi. I understand. Now how can you fix your mistake…”

Kai/Kim Jongin

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He wasted no time showing you what he’s capable of.

“Maybe next time you will think twice before speaking.”

Byun Baekhyun

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When he found out, he came back home and called you over immediately.

“Care to explain yourself, lil kitten? Or will I have to get it out of you by force?”


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He was not going to tolerate this no matter how much he loved you.

“You, me, in my office. Now.”

Lay/Zhang Yixing

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You should have known better than do that but you weren’t thinking straight at that moment.

“Do you really want to see me angry that badly?”

Suho/Kim Junmyeon

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He wasn’t happy about this. Not one bit.

“Do you want me to be rough with you? Because I swear to god…”

Oh Sehun

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He was done with your shit. He grabbed you by the arm and practically dragged you to the bedroom when he came back home.

“We will do more than talking tonight…”

Taken [Chapter 13]


Pairing: Suho x Reader

Warnings: Language; may have triggering situations including sexual situations, abuse, violence, etc.

Summary: You were just a normal girl. You were just trying to get by. Until a rather unfortunate relationship brought you to the hands of Suho, the leader of the greatest mafia in the country.

Prologueโ”‚Chapter 1โ”‚Chapter 2โ”‚Chapter 3โ”‚Chapter 4โ”‚Chapter 5โ”‚ Chapter 6โ”‚Chapter 7โ”‚Chapter 8โ”‚Chapter 9โ”‚Chapter 10โ”‚
Chapter 11โ”‚Chapter 12โ”‚Chapter 13โ”‚Chapter 14โ”‚Chapter 15โ”‚
Chapter 16โ”‚Chapter 17โ”‚Chapter 18โ”‚Epilogue

You spend nearly a month lying in the medical ward. Your wounds are slowly healing, and it doesnโ€™t hurt that much to move, only a few stings here and there.

Layโ€”now you tend to call him Yixingโ€”has been a great support. He always spends time to chat with you, taking your mind off any negative thoughts. He takes care of you like an older brother, and youโ€™re more than grateful.

Keep reading