Re: Mulan (2018)

It feels like they’re taking massive shortcuts with Mulan compared to what they did with Sleeping Beauty (Maleficent), Cinderella, and Beauty and the Beast.

Songs aside, I think my biggest concern is that the exclusion of Shang and the inclusion of Chen changes the perception of Mulan’s achievements.

Chen, from the short character description revealed, is a fellow soldier and Ping’s rival in the army until he realizes “he’s” a woman and develops romantic feelings for Mulan.

Shang, Ping’s superior, begins to trust and admire Ping after he proves himself in training and combat, and only develops romantic feelings long after the reveal (which, by the way, was a breach of trust and that’s why he chose to send Mulan away after sparing her life instead of sexism. He already put his neck on the line by sparing her life– it’s clearly against the law for Mulan to be in the army at all.) Post-Mulan 1, Mulan makes the choice to continue seeing Shang and works with him in a team.

(Obviously we don’t have any more information about Chen, but that’s all that’s literally in his character description.)

It should be clear from what information we have about Chen that his role is quite different from Shang’s role in the original film.

Why does Mulan need a rival-turned-love interest? Why does she need a rival besides the Huns, period?

Any rivals she might have had in the army (ie, Yao, Li, and Chien Po, who initially spurned Mulan) were won over by Mulan’s perseverance and good spirit. The songs, in my opinion, are integral to making it clear that this is the case, showing her rejection of traditional Chinese female roles, showing her mental strength and physical adeptness, and showing her journey of personal growth.

What does it mean when Chen has feelings of rivalry for Mulan when he’s under the belief that she’s a man, and has feelings of love for her when he knows she’s a woman? Why is that dichotomy something the writers are introducing?

Isn’t it more important that Mulan and Shang, her superior, gain a relationship of mutual respect and admiration?

Mulan shows the empowerment of a smart Chinese woman who rises in the army by the beat of her own drum, and there should never need to be a rival (especially not a male rival) to combat her efforts.

And while I’m at it, appropriation, which is such a hot topic nowadays:

There are people who think that Disney’s Mulan is cultural appropriation (in the sense of disrespect) and who want Hua Mulan’s legend to be represented accurately in the live action, but as a Chinese person, I’m not at all offended by Disney’s portrayal of Mulan. 

(I digress, but Chinese people do have sense of humor, and did even in Ancient China– I don’t find the “lack” of seriousness in Disney’s portrayal disrespectful to the original legend. While the story is set in warfare, in my opinion the relative lightheartedness of Disney’s Mulan was important in showing Mulan’s effect on the situation.)

Mulan is a major window into Chinese culture for westerners. What does the average American know about China beyond takeout, laundromats, and communism? What do they know of Chinese people beyond those? To have Mulan, an animated movie aimed at people of all ages, that gives westerners insight into the rich history and dutiful/family-oriented culture that pervades Chinese society.

The fact that, in this historic Chinese setting, a strong independent female character rises from feeling like she can’t fit into her family’s expectations for her to finding her way and becoming a warrior who is respected and loved by her family and ALL OF CHINA is important! She proves herself time and time again to be intelligent and humble, gaining others’ respect for her prowess. 


(copied from my twitter thread on this subject)

Mulan doesn’t need a rival to suddenly take deeper romantic interest in her just because he finds out she’s not a man. 

She’s too busy kicking Hun ass and she deserves better than a sudden change of heart (therefore feminine validation) from the likes of Chen Honghui, her purported “rival.”

Mulan (1998) is not strictly faithful to the legend of Hua Mulan, but is still an important window into the China most Westerners forget existed and exists.

It still remains to be seen whether more redeeming information about the 2018 Mulan remake will emerge, but as Disney’s only film that represents China and Chinese people, it is massively important to me that it is done justice and is treated with the respect that Disney’s other blockbuster remakes are.

EXO Reaction when their usually nerdy/geeky bff shows up all dressed at an event to support them

How do I even explain that all I wear is pants and jeans and whatever shirt I find in my closet XD XO, Admin A~

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“Hey you pretty lady… let’s forget about this party and run away together” *You drive him crazy*


*Can’t stop staring at you* “I’m sorry but… this is too much even for me. I love this look on you” *Can’t stop blushing either*


*Doesn’t mind showing you around* “Oh come on… you can’t hide forever! Let them see that beauty of yours”


*Won’t close his mouth the whole night* “B-b-beautiful…. s-stunning…woah”


“Now I’m not sure if I’m suitable to be your date tonight… you are like a goddess” *Feeling a little flirty*


“We need to take a picture like now! I don’t know when I’ll ever see you again with a dress… you look so beautiful!” *Impossible to hide his secret crush on you*


“Oh my… come here baby… come to Daddy Baek” *Can’t even control his pervy side*


“You see that girl that is just arriving? She’s my future wife” *Has completely made up his mind*


*Feeling really nervous* “I’m sorry Y/N… I don’t know why you are making me so nervous… I mean, I see you everyday but… you look really pretty tonight”


*Really trying to hide his smile* “Why is my heart beating so fast? Why can’t I stop loooking at her, specially tonight?” *Baby is in love*


“Of course you look good Y/N! More than good! You should wear contacts more often.. I love staring into your eyes” *Always so honest, so pure*


“It’s funny you know.. how I brought you a rose tonight but you came to me looking as beautiful as one…”

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EXO’s Reaction to You Sucking Their Fingers Suggestively


The two of you would be laying on the couch together, watching mindless TV, when you decided you wanted to start something. Xiumin’s eyebrows would raise as you began to suck on his fingers. “Do you really want to start this?” he’d ask quietly, sending shivers of arousal down your spine. 


When Chen felt the wet feeling on his fingers, he’d look over at you, a slightly-confused-slightly-judgmental look on his face. He’d smirk before saying, “Jagi, if you wanted something to suck on, you could’ve just asked.”


Baekhyun would be totally into it, watching you and biting his lip, his excitement slowly growing. It wasn’t until you started making soft moaning noises that he’d have enough, pinning you down and taking you then and there.


This boy would quickly turn into a pile of arousal and frustration as you sucked his fingers. His breathing would hitch in his throat every time you deep-throated them, and it was only a matter of time before you noticed how hard he was.


Lay wouldn’t know how to react to your sudden sensuality.  He’d watch you, confused, for a few minutes before stopping you, his face slightly red from arousal. “Jagi..what..what were you doing?” he’d ask, somewhat short of breath.


Like Lay, D.O would be unsure as to how to react to the situation. He’d stay still, watching you, mesmerized. It wasn’t until you made eye contact with him that you’d see his eyes were dark with lust.


As soon as you started on his fingers, you could feel him stiffen beside you on the bed. When you looked up at him, you saw he was watching you, his tongue sticking out slightly, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration. You smirked–his arousal was obvious, and you had him right where you wanted him.


Kai’s facial expressions would easily reveal to you what you were doing to him.  As his breathing got heavier, he’d gently move his fingers deeper into your mouth, almost as a sign of what was to come.


Watching you suck his fingers, Sehun would smirk to himself.  Not hearing a reaction from him, you’d look up and goosebumps of arousal would spread across your skin as you saw his warm, flustered face looking down at you. “Ah, jagi…look what you do to me,” he’d say, gesturing to the growing bulge in his pants.

EXO OTP Shippers be like

BaekYeol shippers:

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KaiSoo shippers:

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XiuChen shippers:

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SuLay shippers:

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HunHan shippers:

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Exo's reaction when a random guy hints on their S/O

Request said: Exo reaction when a guy can’t take a hint that their crush/ SO dont want that guy.


Xiumin: You guys were at the coffee shop and Minseok told you that he was going to the bathroom. You sat down in a nearby table and waited for your boyfriend to come. You were scrolling down in your phone, when suddenly a random voice says “Hey pretty girl…wanna hang out sometime” . “No” you said without looking at the guy. “Why sweetheart, you haven’t seen my face” he said. “I said no!. I have a boyfriend” you said meeting his eyes. The random guy was about to say something, but he was cut off by Minseok saying “Haven’t you heard her!..Move!” 

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Suho: You guys were just waking down the streets of Hongdae  and you guys decided to stop in a nearby shop. Suddenly, a guy approaches to you, Suho didn’t noticed because he was so distracted looking around the place. “Hi, sweetheart” the guy said. “Umm… Hi” you said. “I was wondering if you could ditch your friend over there and go hang out with me?” the guys said while winking. “No” you said and started to walk pass the man. He janked your hand and said “Honey, I don’t think you can escape me” he said while strongly holding your arm. “Let me go!” you said struggling. Then Suho came to your side and janked your hand from the mysterious man and said “Get lost!” 

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Baekhyun: You guys were just enjoying your ice creams. When suddenly, this college guy approaches. You thought that he recognized Baek, but when he didn’t go straight to him but to you, you kind of wondered what he wanted. Maybe he wanted you to take a picture with Baek. “Hi…I been starring at you for a while” he said facing me. Baek was confused. “Would you like to go out…Like now?” he asked. “No..I have my boyfriend right here” you said pointing to Baek. “Him?” he said laughing. “What’s wrong with him?” you asked angrily. “Oh..Honey I could treat you better” he said, you were about yell to the the guy who just insulted your boyfriend but Baek said “Seriously, just get lost..she doesn’t want you. She wants me” Baek said while taking your hand and smirking to the guy. 

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Lay: You guys were just enjoying the afternoon at a nearby park that you had close to your apartment. You guys were laughing and enjoying yourselves.  Out of nowhere, a nice looking guys was sitting at your right side. “AH… you scared me” you said looking to the guy. “Sorry, I didn’t meant to scare you” he said sounding sincere. “Umm…is fine” you said and you were about to turn your attention back to Yixing but the guy grabbed your hand and started running with you, you started to scream and struggled to get out of his grip. “You know I’ve been watching you for a while and I like you a lot” he said. “Look I know this isn’t the right way to ask you out but…” he said. “Just let me go, you freak” you said with all your anger and fear. “ What did you just said, bitch” he said, he was about to hit you but someone grabbed his hand and said “Mess with someone of your own size…Haven’t you heard she doesn’t want you!” said a screaming Yixing. The guy let you go and you quickly crumbled to Yixing’s chest..making him soothe you until you felt better. 

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Chen: You guys were at a restaurant and Chen had to go the bathroom. You were left alone, for a few minutes. Your dishes came and since your didn’t wanted it to get cold, you started to eat quick. A guy sits on Chen’ chair. “Hi, beautiful” said a guy with a bottle of wine.  He called at a waiter and the waiter came, he asked for two wine glasses. “Umm…excuse me but do I know you?” you said asking the guy. “No but I think you’re irresistible” said the guy liking his lips. A chill came down to your spine and you wished for Chen to be already here next to you. “I got no interest on you, so could you please leave me alone” you said. “I don’t think I could do that” he said smirking. You better leave or I’ll call the cops on you” said a familiar voice. “Chen” you whispered feeling so happy that he finally came. The guy quickly left  “Thank you for the bottle of wine” screamed Chen.

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Chanyeol: You guys were entering over to the largest candy shop in Seoul, you were so happy that Chanyeol took you there. “Look…” you said excited pointing out to your favorite candies. Chanyeol would smiled and say ‘cute’ every time you said it. You were about to tell something, to Chanyeol but he suddenly wasn’t next to you. “Looks like you got ditched, love” said a guy smirking. You didn’t responded you just ignored him. You were about to walk and look for Chanyeol but the guy grabbed you hand and said “Hey, I am talking to you” he was annoyed. “Look, I don’t usually do these kind of stuff. But I can’t help but look at you..I’ve been following you around for weeks” he said. “WHAT!” you said. “Yeah” he said sounding confident about it. “Well and I am ready to take you now” he said. “I am not going anywhere with you….I don’t know you … and all I could see is that your a psychopath!” you said. “Just leave me alone” you added and started to run and the guy did the same. Suddenly you bumped into someone, you quickly began to apologize and was about to take off again but the voice stopped you “Y/N…are you look like you saw a ghost or something” Chanyeol said “Chanyeol..” you said as you hugged him tight. “There is this guy..a creepy guy after me” you said almost to the point of crying. “There you are!” the crazy guy said. “Excuse me…who the hell are you!” said an angry Chanyeol. The guy laughed. “I just want her” he said pointing to me. “You won’t have her!..she is mine…besides…I think you’ll have fun in the place I called for you” Chanyeol said pointing to the police guy behind the crazy guy. “So you knew” you said  feeling relieved. 

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D.O: You guys were walking around the park. The park was a little bit crowded than usual. You got distracted watching the lake and the beautiful scenery. You were amazed by it, that you totally forgot about your boyfriend. “Beautiful, isn’t it” said a unfamiliar voice. “Yes” you simply said. “So…I was wondering if you liked to have fun tonight” the voice said. “Umm….How about a no!” you sassed him. “You’re sassy and I like that!” he said moving closer to you. “Could you please move away, a bit…” you said biting your lip and feeling very uncomfortable. “How about a no!” he said mocking you. “Are you mocking me” you said with anger in your tone. “Gosh…you got the whole package that I am looking for…You turn me on girl” he said smirking. Suddenly a familiar voice came from your side. “Touch her and I’ll kill you!” Kyungsoo said angry. The guy quickly knew  left without a word. “I was so concerned about you…Y/N don’t ever do that again..Look what would've happen” Kyungsoo said.“I am so sorry” you said while you get to hug him and let out the tears that you been holding in. 

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Kai: You guys were dancing at a club when suddenly, Kai wasn’t dancing by your side anymore. ‘Where could he had gone?’ you asked yourself. Suddenly, you felt a pair of arms touching your hips and you immediately thought of Kai. You kept dancing and when the guy turn you around to face him, it wasn’t Kai…it was another guy. “Hey, babe” said the guy. “Um..Hello could you please let go off me..” you said. He quickly let go of your hips. You were about to leave but the guy grabbed your wrist. “Where are you going?” said the guy. “ I thought we had fun” he added. “I thought you were someone else” you said, he let off his firm grip and you just walked away but half way to your table, the guy again grabbed your wrist “what do you want?” you said annoyed. “You” said the guy. He was about to kiss you but luckily Kai came your side and snatched you from the guy. “Get yourself an another women cause she is mine” said an angry Kai.

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Sehun: You guys were at your favorite Boba shop. You guys ordered what you wanted and waited for the order to be completed. “Babe, I am going to look for my phone..I left it in the car” said Sehun. “Again” you sighed. “Okay, go” you added. While you waited for your boyfriend to come back, you got called to pick up your order. While you grabbed and walked back to your table, a guy came to your side and followed you and said “I think you boyfriend is cheating on you..what a waste” he said looking into your eyes. “Do I know you?” you asked. “NO” he said. “Okay…then why are you talking to me?” you asked. “Because I think you are pretty, and cute and you deserve so much better.Maybe a guy like me?” he winked while he said it. “I pass” you said while you put your stuff at the table. “How about we ditch your boyfriend and you go on a date with me” he said sounding persistent. “No” you said avoiding eye contact. “But” the guy started to say. “Psh..she never go out with you..Plus she has me” said Sehun. 

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EXO Reaction: Waking Up After a Wild Night Out.

I’m sorry it’s taking me SO long to get to ya’lls requests! Work is hardcore kicking my ass so I’m trying to knock these out this week! I hope you like, Anon <3

[Note: I don’t own any of these GIFs unless I state otherwise.]

Xiumin / Minseok: 

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At first he would be in a state of shock, mostly out of love and respect for you he would HOPE that you two didn’t do anything that you would regret. So when he peaks under the covers to see you both still fully dressed he would let out a sigh of relief. After all, you’re his best friend and if anything more were going to happen he would want it to be something he had planned.
Feeling relieved, he’d reach over to boop you on nose and as you slowly open your sleepy eyes you’d see him grinning over at you.

Xiumin:”Good morning there, Princess.”

Suho / Junmyeon:

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This boy has a very maternal nature so, like Xiumin, he would really hope that the two of you weren’t dumb enough to do anything that you could later regret. At the same time he would be incredibly grateful for the opportunity to stare at your sleeping face, noting how peaceful and sweet you look.
He’d reach over to pull the covers farther up over you both and just lie there watching you until he fell back asleep next to you.

Lay / Yixing:

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In all honesty it’s more than likely that you woke up before he did. Unable to really remember much of the night previous you’d reach your hand out to shake him awake and stop midway, noticing that you weren’t wearing the same clothes you remembered having on. Rather, you’re now wearing shorts and t-shirt that you’re pretty sure belong to Yixing. Grinning to yourself you’d sit up in bed and lean down to lay a kiss on his sleeping forehead which would then wake him up.

You: “Uhh Xing? Any reason I’m wearing your clothes?”

Yixing: “I just wanted you to be comfy while you slept…” 

*all the blushes*


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Something more than likely happened between the two of you. Maybe you didn’t go THAT far, but his shirt on the floor and your hair in tangles suggests that something definitely happened last night. He’d wake up to see your sleeping face very close to his and he’d grin to himself, probably having been waiting for this moment as now was as good a time as ever to confess that he sees you as something more than a friend. He’d more than likely let you sleep but at the same time he’s NOT the type of person to sit for long periods of time so you’d be woken up by his (GLORIOUS) hands trying to pull the knots apart in your hair.

You: “OW! Baek….what are you doing? Stop yanking my…ow!


*somehow removes his hand before you can start swinging*

Chen / Jongdae:

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I feel like, being best friends with Jongdae, sleeping in a bed together would just be a routine part of your friendship. The two of you would trust each other enough to feel completely at ease with this sort of closeness.
Him sleeping next to you shirtless would be so normal that he wouldn’t think twice about what may or may not have happened the night previous. So the second he woke from sleep, before his eyes were even open, he would simply reach out to drape an arm over you and leave a kiss on the back of your head before falling back asleep.

You: *mumbling and shifting in your sleep* 

Chen: “Hmm…go back to sleep, love.”
*nuzzles his face into your hair and pulls you tighter against him*

You: “Dae…I can’t….breathe..”

Chen: “Shhh just sleep through it.”


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This boy would wake up and be slapped in the face with complete and utter confusion. At first he was wondering where the hell he was and then he, upon looking around, would realize there was someone laying in bed next to him. After he realizes that it’s just you he would probably be even more shocked and unsure of what to do. Should he wake you up? Should he let you sleep? Did something happen last night? What if you didn’t want it to happen? What if you woke up mad at him?
I think he’d be a mess of emotions and wouldn’t be able to not wake you up.

He’s reach over and softly grab your shoulder to try and shake you awake, but you being so groggy would just turn over and lay your head on his chest.

Chanyeol: “So…I guess you’re not mad at me then…?” *a bit TOO loudly*

You: “Ungh…Chan shut up and go to sleep.”

Chanyeol: “Wait….does that mean…you ARE mad at me then?”

You: *lays your hand over his mouth*

D.O / Kyungsoo:

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I don’t see Kyungsoo as the type to ever get too intoxicated, so he would more than likely remember the night before or at least parts of it. As soon as his eyes opened he would look over at you, sleeping peacefully, and although happy, he would be filled with regret. Regardless of what happened between the two of you the night before, I don’t think he would see it as appropriate to sleep with you outside of a relationship.
He would feel that this was in some way disrespectful to you and, depending upon his feelings for you, that he owed you more than a drunken night together.

As much as he would want to be sweet with you in this moment I think he would shut himself down emotionally and lock all of that up. Instead, he would quietly slip out of the bed, collecting any of his or your clothes that are on the floor. He would then lie them neatly in a pile at the foot of the bed, and make his way to the kitchen to make you breakfast. If nothing else, he at least wanted to ensure you had a good meal, and doing so would help to ease his guilt a bit.

D.O: *sighs deeply while cracking eggs and plopping them into the pan* 
”You really do deserve better from me…”

You: “I’m sure if you apologize, the eggs wont be too upset…”

D.O: *jumps but can’t bring himself to turn around and look at you…also can’t help but grin a bit*

Kai / Jongin:

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This boy is a pretty heavy sleeper…but I also feel like he’s the type to sleep in either boxers or completely nude….regardless of who’s in his bed with him. Since the two of you are so close he wouldn’t really see this as a big deal unless he saw that it made you uncomfortable.
However, you may not have known this about him. So that when you woke up and your groggy eyes drifted over to him sprawled out on top of the covers, you yelped. Kai would jump and flail, nearly falling out of bed before seeing your shocked face and after a second he’d realize the blush on your face and your wide eyes. 
Before you know it this boy is letting out the single most attractive giggle-snort this world has ever seen, and whilst still cackling he’d pull you close and rest his head against your shoulder until you started to relax and laugh with him.

You: “But….you’re almost naked…like almost completely naked!”

Kai: “I promise it’s just how I sleep, if you want I can find clothes to put on.”

You: *of course, after much heavy contemplation* “….well I didn’t say that…”


Originally posted by sehurn

I can’t help but feel like Sehun is one of those people that can’t stand the feeling of having clothes on when he drinks, so he strips everything off and if that’s the case then you were more than likely the one who dragged him into his bedroom and tried to get him to sleep it off. However, you being pretty smashed too, would have ended up passing out next to him.

After a while, you would wake up after feeling way too cold in your sleep, just to look over and see Sehun wrapped in a cocoon of blankets. ALL of the blankets, in fact. You would also be pretty shocked to realize that all of your clothes are missing as well. Your mind would be buzzing with thoughts of what could have happened between the two of you, but you would tug on the blankets, trying to get at least ONE off of him so that you could cover yourself.

You: *pulling hard on the corner of a blanket but trying to not wake him at the same time*

Sehun: *breaks out into a huge grin the second his eyes open* 

“Well helllooo there.”


Sehun: “Nuh huh. Last night you said you didn’t see why it was so fun to be drunk and naked…..I’m having a blast.”

cute things exo would do (OT9)

yes guys, I am alive.


suho: being a mom? pretty self-explanatory. he treats you like a baby and girlfriend at the same time so at some times you may not realize which you are to him, but I’m pretty sure suho wouldn’t want to get smoochy with an infant

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chanyeol: honest to god let’s be real, he loves attention, so he’s going to want it from you! kinda does that pouting thing, the cute smiles thing, the cuddling thing, and trying-to-get-your-attention-the-whole-fucking-day-101 thing.. 

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baekhyun: he’s going to be a fanboy of EVERY SINGLE action you take, legitimately. like everything you do he’ll pepper you with kisses and say cute shit like “awee that’s my bbygirl” 

Originally posted by sefuns

jongininini: just piercing a loving gaze into the deepest, darkest pits of your soul, but with love. no talking needed, intense staring and eye contact may be one of the highlights of your relationship 

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

shall we all go sin from this gif or

kyungsoo: a lot of hand-holding,, or is that just me,, he might not be a huge fan of PDA but his initial reaction would be to hold your hand whenever you’re near him because he wants you to forever be his so he can protect you i am soft

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xiumin: he may have this hot, mature, and sexy aura around him when he’s on camera but he’s just a cute, little, nugget i swear. his perfect smile is out of the sincerity on how much he loves you

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chen: i know on this blog i kind of set a stereotypical-trolling chen thing, but i feel he’d be so so so sweet to his partner. maybe a few jokes to make you laugh, but not the extreme pranks he pulls on others

Originally posted by dayafterdae

lay: him being the same person he is on camera and off camera: an innocent, sleepy puppy that is confused most of the time but still wants to be loved by the person he has found when he was lost 

Originally posted by lullabyun

wait lmao i take that back he isn’t so innocent i gu es s

sehun: i can see sehun actually being a silly guy, he may have that rest-in-bitch face and have a personality on camera set as a sassy guy, but he’s actually really loving, sincere, and fun to be around with a strong passion for choco boba

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Exo Reaction to S/O Feeling Insecure


Look at all these rolls. I need to lose weight” The moment those words left your mouth, Chen immediately shook his head and told you that it was unnecessary to change anything. You tried to tell him that you wanted to look good in order to match him, and he wouldn’t even listen to another word before changing the topic. Later, he’d make sure to assure you that you’re beautiful the way you are and that he loves you beyond your looks. 


I hate how short I am” At first, Lay would be really surprised when he heard that you felt insecure about your height since he always thought that you looked adorable. But after much thought, he realized that people probably teased you maliciously about your shortness. The next time you saw him, Lay brought a bouquet of flowers and serenaded you with a heartfelt song about how loved everything about you. Baobei, you’re perfect.


Why am I so stupid?” His disbelieving laugh startled the both of you. Chanyeol could not comprehend how you could think of yourself as stupid when you’re one of the most intelligent people that he knows. He’ll apologize quickly for laughing even though he didn’t do it out of malicious intent. Be prepared for a barrage of compliments over the next few days.


I can’t stand the way I look” When Jongin overheard you crying about your appearance in the bathroom, his first emotion would be anger. He’s furious at himself for not making you feel beautiful enough and needs a few minutes to calm himself down. After thinking about it for a few minutes, he’ll go look for you and have a heartfelt talk about how you’re beautiful inside out.


“I don’t deserve you” There was a moment of unsettling silence as Suho stared at you. Then in an extremely solemn tone, he began to list all the reasons why he thinks you’re amazing, and his voice would quiver slightly with heartfelt emotion. By the end, you would be in tears and Suho would gently wipe your face and ask you to never doubt your yourself again. 


I wish I was paler” Out of all the members, Xiumin would be the most empathetic since he has dealt with issues about his appearance in the past. He would most likely lend a listening ear and let you rant about why you feel so insecure. Then, he’ll tell you about his struggle, and the both of you will feel closer to each other at the end and promise to end these insecurities with time.


I can’t wear that. I have to cover up my scars.” Sehun would pause for second since he’s always thought that your scars was just a part of you and not something that you should be ashamed of. He wouldn’t know how to respond in such a situation and feels that he should just let you do whatever makes you comfortable. However, if he hears you repeatedly downgrading yourself then he’ll bluntly tells you to stop and that your scars is a sign of your strength.


I want to look like her.” You were in the middle of the sentence when you saw Baekhyun’s horrified expression. He would explode in a tirade of why you shouldn’t want to be anyone but yourself. In the end, you would forget all about your previous thoughts and laugh at Baekhyun’s exaggerated gestures and expressions. Once he calmed down, he’ll kiss you gently and tell you to trust him that you should never change.


I’m growing my hair out. People are saying that I look like a man.” His first reaction would be to ask you who are the people talking about your looks and where he can find them. Kyungsoo would not want you to change for other people especially if it’s something that is none of their business. He would have a serious talk with you about ignoring the haters because he has a lot of experience dealing with the antis. Then he would throw some serious shade at people who can’t mind their own damn business. 

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You have a belly ache so you ask him to rub your belly (EXO)

Xiumin: -he would start rubbing and constantly ask you if you were feeling better- “are you okay yet baby?”

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Suho: -he instantly worried about you and then had you lay down- “how much pain are you in right now?”

Originally posted by kyungsuhos

Lay: -he would be worried because he didn’t know how bad it was- “do you need more than a belly rub?”

Originally posted by yeshelloyehet

Baekhyun: -he instantly started rubbing your stomach worried that you were in too much pain- “I will make sure you feel better”

Originally posted by progamerbyun

Chen: -he would instantly start rubbing and keep rubbing until you made him stop- “do you feel better?”

Originally posted by exoxoolf

Chanyeol: -he would instantly grab you and bring you over to him- “come on I gotcha”

Originally posted by kaisanity

D.O: -he would instantly get up and go into good care mode- “I’ll make you some teach first then I will rub your stomach”

Originally posted by sooranghaes

 Kai: -he would grab your hand instantly and while you guys were out and pull you off- “where do you want to sit down and let me do this?”

Originally posted by sekaisoosgirl

Sehun: -you would simply lift his hand and lay it against your stomach and he would instantly start rubbing your stomach- *gif*

Originally posted by wooyoung

Kris: -he was the kind of boyfriend who would rub your stomach during that time of the month. So asking him during a belly ache was nothing- “sure I got you babe”

Originally posted by galaxychen

Luhan: -he would be a bit worried because it’s the first time you had asked him to do this- “how much pain are you in? Do you have to go to the doctors?”

Originally posted by kpoopismypoop

Tao: -he would pat the seat beside him the moment you asked- “yeah sure I’ll make you feel better”

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Exo’s Reaction to their S/O’s being a actress and watching one of her intimate scenes in a movie.

Resquest said: EXO’s reaction when their s/o’s an actress and they have to watch her intimate scenes in a movie. Thank You.


Xiumin: *while watching the scene he looks at you and asks* can we do that tonight?

Originally posted by channieschubbycake

Suho: How can you do these kind of scenes? Is this movie even PG-13…. Nope I don’t think so but hey you look hot! *smiles*

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Baekhyun: Jagi, let’s turn off the TV and let’s recreate it. *turn on mode* 

Originally posted by xehun

Lay: Baobei, you’re such an good actress. *feeling proud*

Originally posted by ygyixing

Chen: Agh…What are you doing to me…I swear you are my weakness

Originally posted by yovngjaestan

Chanyeol: Oh wow!! Looking hot! 

Originally posted by yeolhighness

D.O: *mentally plotting a murder, because someone is kissing you and touching a lot and its not him*

Originally posted by sehunsyixing

Kai: *turned on* ‘maybe we should do that or something else’ he says.

Originally posted by katherine8595

Sehun: Uff, Jagi looking smooking hot in the TV but you much hotter in person. 

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Vampire!Exo: Another Vampire Tries To Kiss You


“Don’t test me”

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“We’ll see about that”

Originally posted by khunwufan


*Senses you feeling uncomfortable*

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*On a mission to kill*

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“You have three seconds to get away from her”

Originally posted by daenso


“What do we have here?”

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“I won’t hesitate to break you”

Originally posted by kyungso


“She’s mine”

Originally posted by baekhyuntella


*Waiting to see if you’re gonna do something*

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- Bella

Exo as shit my friends have said
  • Xiumin: guys I drank too much coffee, but don't worry it was decaf
  • Lay: how many swimming pools do you think it takes to fill the ocean
  • Suho: I am older then you there for I know more
  • Chen: guys feel my legs, I just shaved
  • Baekhyun: you guys don't know what true roasting is *proceeds to roast self*
  • Chanyeol: my shower thinks I'm a good singer
  • D.O: so do you think you could make a knife out of a water bottle if you cut it into triangles
  • Sehun: im not weird im special edition, get your facts straight
EXO’s Reaction To You Giving Them Visible Hickeys

Xiumin: He’d smirk and touch the spot, staring at you. “Now, where would you like to be marked~?” (XIUDADDY MODE ACTIVATED!!)

Originally posted by soobadnoonecanstopher

: Would act flustered AF but would be super proud of the mark. “ Now everyone will know that i’m yours” Then he’d be so damn fluffy and blow you kisses.

Originally posted by irpsychotic

Lay: He’d get rushed to go do something else before being able to react to it. But, when they asked what the marks on his neck and shoulders were, he’d point over at you from across the room and say,” they’re little love notes from my baby~”

Originally posted by r-velvets

: (PREPARE FOR NSFW THINGS BEING MENTIONED!) You’d be showering and Baek would decide to join you, wrapping an arm around you and leaning in to nip at your ear. As he did this, you would lean in and suck a few harsh marks into his neck. He’d move away for a second and smirk almost maniacally, suggesting, “why don’t i give you a couple things to remind people who you belong to~” (sorry not sorry about that. this gif gives me feels!)

Originally posted by dearbyun

: You’d pull away from jawline where there was now a long strand of big dark hickeys. He’d notice that you were looking at the place you had been sucking at then would look over at the mirror next to you two (Because you’d obviously have to sneak away from the other members by going somewhere with a mirror (i have the biggest feeling that chen would have a kink for that)). He’d touch the marks and smile. “You should give me stuff like this more often.”

Originally posted by sooranghaes

(DADDY KINK ALERT!) You two would be making out and, as things started heating up more, you would kiss down his neck, unconsiously sucking a dark hickey into his collarbone. He’d stop you and look down for a second then back up to you with a raised eyebrow. “Did i say you could do that? Does Daddy need to punish you?”

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

:Kyungsoo would love every mark you ever gave him because it’d make him feel closer to you. So, when you two were cuddling on the couch and you gently sucked a soft hickey right below his ear, he’d smile sweetly and return the favor, giving you a mark in the same spot. “I love when you do that.”

Originally posted by glorious-soobooty

: (Just saying…but i could picture him with a mirror kink too) Jongin would have you straddling his lap and you two would be making out after his schedule. He’d pull you in to run his tongue along your earlobe, causing you to moan. As you moaned, you tried to muffle it because of the other members in the dorm by nipping and sucking at a patch on his neck, unaware that you had given him a big hickey. He’d bite his lip and look behind you at the floor length mirror to admire the newly made mark on his neck before looking back up at you. “You know, Y/N, I’ve got other parts of me that would love that kind of attention just as much~” He’d then take hold of one of your free hands and run it down to his bulge.

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

: He wouldn’t even try to hide it when you gave him marks, so he sort of basked in the moment when he was in an interview with the other members and a fan had asked him what those marks under his jaw were. “It’s a secret. But, they’re from someone very special,” He’d say before staring into the camera and winking. 

Originally posted by r-velvets


Luhan: You and Luhan had had a crazy night together for your anniversary, so it didn’t suprise him when he went to the bathroom the morning after to see that his entire torso was covered in hickeys and bite marks. He’d smirk then look over to you, noticing that you were beginning to stir from your sleep. “Looks like you were enjoying yourself yesterday. But, i always love your artwork, so it doesn’t matter~” He’d smirk and say while running a hand over the marks.

Originally posted by meiren-menglu

Tao: Zitao loved the moments you had together, but he was never ready for the times you would take charge and mark him all over, reminding him who he belonged to. You two had met up for a date, but, instead of leaving with eachother to head to the restaurant the moment he got to the door, he was pulled into the bedroom by his smirking significant other who then slammed his back against the door and climbed him like a tree. As you wrapped your legs aroun his waist, your lips went directly to his adams apple, sucking harshly. When you pulled away, he’d feel the spot and smirk. “I love you too”

Originally posted by kim-jongmin

Kris: Yifan always loved the moments where you two would get away and feel eachother up. Because he just so happened to be a hell of a lot taller than you, catching that man by suprise was always really hard. So you could only suprises him when you two were laying down and he was half asleep. He’d be passed out from the activites of the night before and probably wasn’t planning on waking up for another several hours. So, you took this to your advantage by leaning into him, kissing along his jaw lightly then nipping at his collar bone and sucking a big hickey into him. This would obviously wake him up instantly so he’d look down a little and chuckle softly. “Really, babe? Couldn’t wait till i was awake? Oh well.But now that i’m awake…~”

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