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Character donghua design

1.   Ye Xiu (Team Happy)
2.   Su Mucheng (Team Happy)
3.   Tang Rou (Team Happy)
4.   Bao Rongxing (Team Happy)
5.   Chen Guo (Team Happy)
6.   Qiao Yifan (Team Happy)
7.   Zhou Zekai (Team Samsara)
8.   Han Wenqing (Team Tyranny)
9.   Zhang Xinjie (Team Tyranny)
10. Wang Jiexi (Team Tiny Herb)
11. Sun Xiang (Team Excellent Era) 
12. Huang Shaotian (Team Blue Rain)

in-game character donghua design

Lord Grim (current owner: Ye Xiu)

One Autumn Leaf (current owner: Sun Xiang)

Vaccaria (current owner: Wang Jiexi)

   Swoksaar (current owner: Yu Wenzhou)

(low quality - screenshots were taken from the animation trailer)

A few funny and nice moments in chapter 762,

Along with having the opportunity to spend time with her idol, Chen Guo was having the summer of her life.

Chen Guo must be the happiest person alive. I want to spend time with my idol too…

“In all the times that you’ve discipline him, have you ever told him who you were?” Chen Guo asked.

“I did occasionally.” Ye Xiu said.

“Occasionally……” Chen Guo wanted to cry, so you’re saying Deception died for nothing countless times!

I cry for Deception too. Poor guy. But at the same time I laugh about Ye Xiu’s shamlessness!

Soon afterwards, Ye Xiu opened up QQ and clicked on one of the many pro player group chats. He sent out a big horn emoji and started shouting wildly: “Zhang Xinjie, Zhang Xinjie, Old Lin, Old Lin, if you’re here, say here.”

Amidst the eyes of a bunch of pro players, Zhang Xinjie and Lin Jingyan wiped the sweat off their forehead through emojis.

Chen Guo watched with excitement! All of them were huge names in Glory. They were using the same sweat-wipe and black line emojis like ordinary people. It appeared very funny.

“PM.” Ye Xiu said.

“Breaking news! There’s breaking news!!” Someone shouted. Chen Guo saw that it was Team Void’s Li Xu, a merciless Assassin. Who would have thought that he was a gossiper?

Reading this somehow is funny, because imaging how people are astonished by the god’s using normal emojis is hilarious. Also how Ye Xiu’s “if you’re here, say here” sounds so childish. (He is still a child at heart! No one can tell me otherwise.)
And then there is Li Xu’s reaction. There will probably no further attention to it, but it would be nice to read how the other pro player gossip about this and try to get something out of Zhang Xinjie and Lin Jingyan.
(It is interesting how Ye Xiu calls Zhang Xinjie by his full name, while he calls Lin Jingyan by his nickname “Old Lin”.)

“Help killing a person.” Ye Xiu said.

He hastily added: “In the game! Don’t think too much!”

It says a lot that Ye Xiu felt the need to add the second sentence to his first one.

“What did he do to offend you?” Zhang  Xinjie asked. 

This is the question we all want an answer to. (And who had thought Ye Xiu’s answer would be so “normal” and somewhat “childish”?)

“How narrow-minded of you! You guys are taking advantage of me while I’m away to win a championship title. You guys have offended me too. Just wait for me to come back! I’ll destroy you guys!” Ye Xiu said.

“Speak after you pass through the Challenger League before talking!” Zhang Xinjie had already closed the chat window.

“Help me kill him!” Ye Xiu urged.

And just more shamelessness and childishness from the God of Glory! This chapter is so full of funny scenes and interactions! I love it! (And I love Ye Xiu!)

qzgs as students part II

this is for you anon! <333

chen guo: the administrative office assistant. mother hen. doesn’t take any of your shit. has a soft spot for su mucheng (tbh who doesn’t). hearty laugh. cries watching dramas (su mucheng recced some to her) at the office desk. uses her fists like a boss. mostly when she sees someone breaking the school rules. every student loves her bc she’s generally fun and nice to talk to

sun xiang: basketball team prodigy. doesn’t really talk a lot. mostly communicates in glares and profanity. met ye xiu at orientation and wants to fight him everyday since (what happened we’ll never know). calls out ye xiu every chance he has. ye xiu’s just like “new phone who dis??” every time and it annoys him more haha. the kind of guy girls really like. between him and zhou zekai (who’s his seatmate), they get half of the chocolates on valentine’s day. his opinions on the festival is conflicted: he likes chocolate but doesn’t like receiving love letters bc he feels bad for the girls

liu hao: studious. prickly. ambitious. wants to become top student in his year and break ye xiu’s records. hates feeling helpless/being weak. one time he was having trouble with a physics problem and ye xiu tried to give him some tips when he passed by his seat. he didn’t take it well.

zhang xinjie: precise. stoic. treasurer of the student council. because of his personality, he’s excellent in mathematics and generally other theory oriented stuff; he’s comparatively weaker in languages and literature. likes to eat alone during break, but the others always insist on seeking him out, to his annoyance; it’s because he knows how to make the crap food actually taste decent

xu boyuan: idolizes upperclassman huang shaotian for unknown reasons; trash friends quote this as reason why he still doesn’t have a girlfriend. quite average in everything, but he’s struggling to improve his mathematics. bullied into joining the student council by ye xiu; regrets his life choices ever since, probably because he’s tragically overworked by the vice president every day

also PS. i modeled this au according to the asian school system, so you’re welcome to ask if there’s anything that’s not clear!

The King’s Avatar, Chapter 757: Ace Player Sub Seventh Person

“If it wasn’t for the fact that you aren’t using a Cleric, I would have suspected that you had been the one to cast Wish Prayer.” Zhang Xinjie said.  

“Randomly guessing like that doesn’t suit your careful personality.” Ye Xiu said.

“If I were more careful, I would ask if you had ordered a Cleric to cast it.” Zhang Xinjie asked.

“I think you did it!” Ye Xiu said.

“I didn’t.” Zhang Xinjie actually gave a proper response.

“If that kid asked for someone to cast it……” Lin Jingyan paused, “I can’t help but think of an old friend.”

“Old Wei?” Ye Xiu said.

“Yup!” Lin Jingyan said.

“Blue Rain’s former captain?” Zhang Xinjie asked.

“Yes. If it’s him…..” Lin Jingyan paused again as if he were trying to find the appropriate words to say.

“Extremely unscrupulous. Extremely shameless. Extremely underhanded.” Ye Xiu didn’t hold back.


“Who were you introducing me to?” Wei Chen came over. He had heard Ye Xiu say “Old Wei”.

“That kid from Blue Rain might be similar to you. He’s willing to do anything to win!” Ye Xiu said. He hadn’t expected Lu Hanwen to behave like that, but then again, he hadn’t had too many opportunities to meet him.

“Really? He’s got such a bright future ahead of him?” Wei Chen felt deeply moved. He praised this future star, or perhaps he was praising himself for being amazing.

QZGS players flirt (hypothetically)
  • <p> <b>Bao Rongxing:</b> What is your astrological sign? Can you guess what sign I am?<p/><b>Huang Shaotian:</b> Wow, nice, nice! Come PK, come on, come on!PKPKPKPKPKPKPKPKPKPKPKPKPK!<p/><b>Wang Jiexi:</b> They call me 'Magician'.<p/><b>Ye Xiu:</b> .....Do you like "Glory"?<p/><b>Wei Chen:</b> Hey! [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored]!<p/><b>Zhou Zekai:</b> .............................<p/><b>Zhang Xinjie:</b> You have exactly 2 minutes to state you business with me.<p/></p>