chen po

I think we need to take a moment to appreciate the animator’s effort in these background Army characters.

Let’s go step-by-step and see what the Mulan Army the best thing on this earth.

Lots going on here.

Chen Po is snacking peacefully.

Two guys are brawling on the floor.

Personal fave, Watermelon Dude.

Ling is smacking the shit out of this one guy while several men are getting throttled behind him.


Local Man Has Head Bashed In By Hairless Gorilla

I don’t know what’s happening here, but two guys are about to beat the shit out of one guy with a fish and a chicken leg.

This guy is dead to the world.

One guy gets a face full of rice.

Speaks for itself.

Mmmwatcha Saaay.

One man fails to wrestle Chen Po while he’s eating; two others use pots with deadly force.

Pot stuck on your hand? New boxing glove.

The 228 Incident

Today is the 70th anniversary of the 228 Incident in Taiwan.

This incident refers to the brutal crackdown of the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) regime against Taiwanese civilians who demonstrated all across Taiwan to protest the authoritarian government’s corruption and oppression. It was not a simple one-day incident that occurred on February 28, 1947. Rather, it was a long period of suffering and violation of human rights on a large scale. An estimated 18,000 to 28,000 people died during the uprising and subsequent crackdown. The 228 Incident marked the beginning of Taiwan’s White Terror, a period of severe political oppression. 

On February 27, 1947, a widow was selling illicit cigarettes from a small stand in a Taipei park. Two agents from the Monopoly Bureau sought to seize her goods and cash. Her resistance drew the attention of a crowd, and one of the agents struck her head with his pistol, inciting the anger of the crowd. An agent fired for an escape route, but instead, fatally shot a bystander. 

On February 28, 1947 in Taipei, a group of two thousand protesters marched from the park to the Monopoly Bureau, demanding the execution of the agents, the resignation of the bureau director, and the revision of monopoly regulations. Finding the bureau closed, the protesters proceeded to the Governor-General’s office where they were met with troops opening fire. A radio station broadcasted the event, and finally, the tensions and frustrations that had been building up within the Taiwanese ever since the Republic of China took over broke loose and caused an island-wide anti-government uprising. 

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       LI CHEN ( RIVER ) //XXIII // CHEF.


BTS as Disney Characters

Jin- Chen Po

Yoongi- Sleeping Beauty or Mushu

Hoseok- Rapunzel

Namjoon- Wreck-it-Ralph or Milo Thatch

Jimin- Chip or Prince Eric

Taehyung- Stich

Jungkook- Hercules

A couple of these some of my friends helped me with. Gonna be honest here Yoongi almost had four but I figured I should limit myself as to not show bias ;) it was actually really kinda hard to think of who they would be though. I’d love to hear y'all’s opinions! Edit: I was looking at this and realized I forgot Tae in so sorry Oh my goodness

You know the scene in Mulan, where she enters the Battle Camp and meets Ling, Yao and Chen Po? (I hope I spelled these right) Imagine that whole scene being Genji on his first day of Overwatch running into McCree, Torbjorn and Reinhardt.

And now I’m thinking of Genji’s dragon popping out shouting “SAY THAT TO MY FACE DOPEY THE DWARF!”