chen hao


tfw you waited every episode for their game scene to air only to find out it doesn’t exist.


Soooooo I finally started watching ‘Nirvana in Fire’ (LangYaBang/琅琊榜) last weekend. Only on episode 6/54 but it’s already becoming my favourite Chinese drama of all time by the looks of it (and that’s a huge statement💯). I’ve never watched a more cinematically and aesthetically exquisite piece of work. Practically all aspects are of extremely high calibre… Plus I’ve never seen so many hot guys (of all ages) in one single cast ever so I dedicate this post to them!😍😍😍😍😍

Fourth Master Chen Pi and Lieutenant Zhang | Behind The Scenes

Yun Hao: You little brat!
Ming En: It’s time to take your medicine, old man.