chen hao


tfw you waited every episode for their game scene to air only to find out it doesn’t exist.


Soooooo I finally started watching ‘Nirvana in Fire’ (LangYaBang/琅琊榜) last weekend. Only on episode 6/54 but it’s already becoming my favourite Chinese drama of all time by the looks of it (and that’s a huge statement💯). I’ve never watched a more cinematically and aesthetically exquisite piece of work. Practically all aspects are of extremely high calibre… Plus I’ve never seen so many hot guys (of all ages) in one single cast ever so I dedicate this post to them!😍😍😍😍😍

qzgs as students part II

this is for you anon! <333

chen guo: the administrative office assistant. mother hen. doesn’t take any of your shit. has a soft spot for su mucheng (tbh who doesn’t). hearty laugh. cries watching dramas (su mucheng recced some to her) at the office desk. uses her fists like a boss. mostly when she sees someone breaking the school rules. every student loves her bc she’s generally fun and nice to talk to

sun xiang: basketball team prodigy. doesn’t really talk a lot. mostly communicates in glares and profanity. met ye xiu at orientation and wants to fight him everyday since (what happened we’ll never know). calls out ye xiu every chance he has. ye xiu’s just like “new phone who dis??” every time and it annoys him more haha. the kind of guy girls really like. between him and zhou zekai (who’s his seatmate), they get half of the chocolates on valentine’s day. his opinions on the festival is conflicted: he likes chocolate but doesn’t like receiving love letters bc he feels bad for the girls

liu hao: studious. prickly. ambitious. wants to become top student in his year and break ye xiu’s records. hates feeling helpless/being weak. one time he was having trouble with a physics problem and ye xiu tried to give him some tips when he passed by his seat. he didn’t take it well.

zhang xinjie: precise. stoic. treasurer of the student council. because of his personality, he’s excellent in mathematics and generally other theory oriented stuff; he’s comparatively weaker in languages and literature. likes to eat alone during break, but the others always insist on seeking him out, to his annoyance; it’s because he knows how to make the crap food actually taste decent

xu boyuan: idolizes upperclassman huang shaotian for unknown reasons; trash friends quote this as reason why he still doesn’t have a girlfriend. quite average in everything, but he’s struggling to improve his mathematics. bullied into joining the student council by ye xiu; regrets his life choices ever since, probably because he’s tragically overworked by the vice president every day

also PS. i modeled this au according to the asian school system, so you’re welcome to ask if there’s anything that’s not clear!