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This literally Exo fans right now trying to piece together this comeback with the crumbs that SM has given them
exo ↬ the pace they prefer during sex

anon asked: What do you think the pace for the Exo members are during sex?

⇴ xiumin:

minseok, though a dom, likes to take whatever pace you responded to best, whether it be slow, fast, or something in between. even slow sex with him would manage to be mind-blowing; he likes to make sure of it.

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⇴ suho:

junmyeon seems to me like someone who would be a fan of going slow, but hard. he likes to hit every sweet spot of yours at every angle, and doesn’t feel as though he can properly do so with an unforgiving pace.

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⇴ lay:

though yixing would go at any pace you liked without much fuss, he personally prefers to go especially slow; he likes to worship your body very thoroughly, and would want to drag this out as much as possible.

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⇴ baekhyun:

i see this varying, but unless you’d coaxed him into it, he’d never go slow with you. moderate? sure, if he were to want to savor the night, but he’d like a fast pace the most.

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⇴ chen:

jongdae is a member who would never go at any pace other than fast. he may finish quickly, but do to the vast amount of energy he has when he wants to go out it, sex with him would include two to three rounds, at least.

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⇴ chanyeol:

with chanyeol, this would differ depending on his mood, but he’d typically enjoy something a little moderate.

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⇴ d.o:

kyungsoo seems to me like a man who sometimes likes to make slow, sweet love to his partner, but prefers something quick and very, very rough most of the time.

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⇴ kai:

personally, i think that jongin would want a quick paced night if you were to top him, but if you wished for him to take control, he’d go a little slow due to a slight lack of confidence.

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⇴ sehun:

like jongdae, sehun would go fast, always. foreplay would be dragged out and would include an orgasm or two on your end, though he liked to go quick once he was physically added into the mix.

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