Soooo I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet on tumblr that I just left HBO to go be the new Art Director at @camposantoblog! More on that later (it goes without saying that I am very excited about it), but in the interim between the two gigs I’ve been off on a spontaneous road trip exploring/sketching a bunch of ghost towns and other cool stuff in California/Nevada.

I ended up hitting a total of nine ghost town/mine/ranch sites, and so this is Part 1 of my sketch drop – Bodie and Chemung Mine.


Elmira Ny ~ Alexander Eustace House ~ Historical House by Onasill ~ Bill Badzo
Via Flickr:
The Alexander Eustace house was built in 1886 for lawyer Alexander Eustace, who served several positions in Chemung County, such as the Chemung County clerk, served as a member of the state Civil Service Commission, and was also the head of the state tax departmen

Chemung County Barn 05 B&W – Chemung County, New York, October, 2015

The outer world gets all the attention
but if things are properly aligned in the inner world,
the outer world will simply be
the place we live the life
that is ours to live,
and all will be well.
Inner work is the real work.
The inner world is the real world.
They should tell us that at the start.
But, it is not too late.
There is life yet to be lived,
and work to be done.


Elmira Ny ~ John Brand Jr. House ~ Historical Queen Anne House by Onasill ~ Bill Badzo
Via Flickr:
John Brand Jr. House is a historic home located at Elmira in Chemung County, New York. It was built in 1890 and is a large 2 1⁄2-story, Queen Anne–style dwelling. It features a large scale Palladian window on the west gable end. NRHP

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GIF via 3dnewyorker


Elmira, New York. The Great Flood of 1902.

At the low point between South Main Street and the Railroad Bridge, water went over the [levee] at 8:00PM. By 9:00PM a great torrent tore down Ferris Street and West Chemung Place.

South Main and Hudson Streets had 8 feet of water.

The next morning “everybody owning a camera had it out and the picture harvest of the flod of 1902 will be immense.”

Men and boys played and rode bicycles in the water 1 foot deep on South Main Street. The crowd cheered. When they fell in the water - people cheered louder. Boating parties were hastily organized and cruises were taking place in all directions. Water was still very deep around Hudson and Partridge Streets. Boats tipped over. People laughed.

Spaulding Street - a great canal. East Hudson Street - 3 feet.

At 7:45AM a large crowd gathered at Water and State Streets to see the “water sights.” They realized that boating in the business district was a novelty and made the best of the opportunity to use it. Camera enthusiasts were out in large numbers…whenever a friend would be met plodding through the knee deep water, the man with the camera would say, “Hold on a minute.” The other looked up and he would be told to go on, for the one with the camera had taken a good photo.