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Okay, here we go. I didn’t expect this to get this long, but Tabata must be exposed!


This may come as a surprise to some people, but Noctis and Luna are not lovers in FF XV. Repeat, they are NOT in love.
Many fans, including myself, were really disappointed about how their “romance” was handled in the game FINAL FANTASY XV and it’s sister productions, FFXV BROTHERHOOD and FFXV KINGSGLAIVE.
The story builds strongly off of the platonic relationship of Noct and Luna. But the bizarre lack of communication, a 22 year time-gap and a cringe-worthy conclusion to their “love” story makes Noctis and Luna the crumbiest FINAL FANTASY couple in a long list of crumby FINAL FANTASY  couples.

Without further ado, let’s just get to the evidence.


To begin with, their marriage is officially arranged by the Niflheim Empire, namely Ardyn. (Who is the main bad guy.) There’s no telling if any wedding would ever have taken place between them under other circumstances, and furthermore, no evidence. So we’re off to a bad start. (Btw, have we cracked why Ardyn even planned this?)


Twelve years is a long time to have zero verbal communication with your potential lover. Even longer given that they were kids at the time, and any real romantic connection would have been highly unlikely. (Not to mention creepy) And while it’s hard to say how long they were together even then, it wasn’t long enough to make much of an impression on young Noct as we see throughout the story.
(The only thing that made an impression on him about his time in Tenebrae were the snack cakes he had!)
And while exchanging dog mail (You’ve heard of snail mail? Same thing, but with dogs) might be enough to keep a childhood friendship going, there’s no plausible reason it would ever blossom into love.
The fact that the writers push that cheesy, head-over-heels, fake true love on them after the credits just came off as insulting. (Fake true love? My bad.)

Moving on.

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Through FFXV as a shipper

Or how I’m up to any pairing despite having a fav one. and how I found it.

Anything Ignis says/does to/for Noctis: Awman, I so ship this.

Longwythe convo between Noct and Prompto: *sniffle* Prompto you sweetheart you’re my new baby. I ship this <3.

Gladio catching the coin thrown towards Noct: Hm, I ship that.

Gladio rescuing Noct/catching him and protecting him at Cauthess: Holyshitmyshiningarmorknight I SO ship this.

Ignis and Prompto are on their own and don’t show me what they do: …I ship that too.

Ignis showing himself stupidly loyal to Noct: I SO ship this.

Prompto sings victory fanfare and Gladio laughs (does in Japanese audio): Cute. Ship them :)

Small Ignis + Gladio interactions: …I think I ship them?

Ignis offers sewing Noct’s clothes: He’s more like a mom but I still ship it.

Gladio stands between Noct and Ravus: HE’S SO GAY I ship this.

Prompto slaps Noct’s butt: I ship thiiiiis.

Gladio asking Noct for camp tours: He’s more like a dad but I still ship it.

Chapter 10 beginning and the way Gladio treats Ignis along it: …Kay, that’s it, they’re my fave now. 

Noct on if he was worried for Prompto: Kkkkwwwwweeeeeee I ship thiiiisssss.

Chapter 11 and the rest of the game on Gladio taking care of Ignis: THAT’S IT, I’VE COME UP WITH MY NEW OTP AND I LOVE THEM JFC YES <3 

Basically I just want Colin and Jen to be life-partners who aren’t romantically involved, but who just costar in everything ever together.  They just have THAT kind of chemistry that I want to see them do more projects together, like Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks or Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.