chemistry tuesday


Tuesday, February 23.

Chemistry notes.🔬 Today it’s raining again YESSS. ☔💙 My cousin invited me to watch a play with her tonight and I really want to go but I feel guilty for going out instead of studying? I’m sure you guys know what I’m talking about. I spent the last weekend studying all day so I feel like I deserve it but I still feel uncomfortable urghh I don’t know.

going to have a productive day ☁️📝 ❣ tomorrow I am having a math exam and on tuesday a chemistry exam. i couldnt really start because I had a family celebration yesterday and didnt get to study 🙈😫💕 it’s okay though. let’s ace it. POSITIVE MIND IS ON and I am telling myself again and again: “Make the best out of each situation.”

2017: week 2

This week I have:

  • Monday: revised geography and chemistry for upcoming tests
  • Tuesday: revised chemistry in the morning then had a chemistry test in the afternoon, gave blood, and later revised more geography
  • Wednesday: had a geography test in the afternoon then let myself chill in the evening
  • Thursday: came home early, tidied my room and did a bit of homework but mostly watched twd and procrastinated
  • Friday: came home early, did a bit of geography homework and then procrastinated again
  • Saturday: didn’t do any work at all really but I did go for a run and cooked tea
  • Sunday: worked (as in my job) 11:30-17:00 and now I really need to finish a biology project that’s due tomorrow! 

Overall I think I’ve been fairly productive, mostly because I had to be because of tests. I haven’t managed to do any EPQ or general revision and I didn’t do as much exercise as I would’ve liked. I’m going to try to work on this next week!