chemistry factors

what is not racist: shipping a white man and a white woman together.

what is racist: shipping a white man and a white woman together and refusing admit that the ship blatantly sidelined a black male lead and his well-developed interracial relationship with the female lead.

what is racist: shipping a white man and a white woman together and claiming that their blossoming relationship is not at all related to the writers’ decision to end the interracial relationship and denying that the ship was ended solely to allow the white man/white woman ship to begin. brownie point for backing the bullshit excuse that “"chemistry”“ is the driving factor behind that choice.

what is racist: shipping a white man and a white woman together and ignoring the alarming red flags in the relationship and bashing the interracial relationship that you claim was boring and lacked chemistry; meanwhile it was actually a good example of a balanced and healthy dynamic between two people in a relationship that also offered representation for interracial couples.

no one is calling you racist for “simply shipping two straight white people together”. people are calling you racist because you continually refuse to acknowledge the racism behind the creation of the relationship. because you choose to be dismissive and make excuses for the racist decisions made by the show’s writing staff. because you support and praise the writers’ choices for the relationship that has pushed minority representation and unique, interesting characters to the background in favor of a conventionally attractive white guy whose character traits are quite frankly boring, overused and one-dimensional. and because you ignore and deny the fact that a straight white man has taken precedence over every minority character on a show that, might I add, preaches how “diverse” and “progressive” they are.

just some food for thought since so many of you don’t seem to grasp why others are telling you you’re being racist.

Why is it that if you take advantage of a tax break and you’re a corporation, you’re a smart business man. But if you take advantage of something you need to not be hungry, you’re a moocher!
—  Jon Stewart, O’Reilly vs. Stewart

Chemistry Factors Part 1: Kevin Prologue 

Chemistry Factors c) Marie-Gato

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